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Tough Decision

Jan 21, 2018
I found a good deal on 23 Aro 3 129 Pro. It comes with the tss and trio. picking it up tomorrow. I own a 21 FE 501 with get ecu and exhaust with 30 easy hours. I also just acquired a 2018 450xcf. Im not sure what bike to put the new kit on.

I built a snowlike a few years ago but the the 2002 bike was junk. Rode it twice and sold it. This time I want to do it more legit and leave the bike as a snowbike as I have other bikes for dirtbike racing.

The 501 is a bit nicer, has taco moto maps in the get ecu. I have a graves exhaust and fmf 4.1 that fits it too. It has a stock t-stat but would probably do heated bars eventually anyways.

The 450 has 130 hours and was a snowlike earlier in its life. It has the seat concepts comfort seat, samco hoses, a 4.1 exhaust p3 exhaust guard, and flow radiator guards. I have a vortex on another bike so I could send that out for either bike and get some snow bike maps installed.

Other parts besides the heated bars and thermostat:
c3 air intake
PST engine jacket
c3 pegs
temp gauge

Please let me know your experiences and opinions, Thanks
Dec 20, 2007
Three Forks, MT
Hands down, the 450 is the better snowbike. The close ratio and faster/higher revving engine are just superior.

However, if the reliability of the 450 is unknown I might lean towards the 501. Might want to go thru the 450 and really check it over closely. If everything looks real good, I would definitely go for the 450.

The 501 is torquey and pulls higher gears, but in the past I hit the rev limiter constantly. For a rider that is new and not aggressive it can be fine though.


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Feb 12, 2008
Nothing tough about that decision,. Can't go wrong either way! To Glenn's point above, I think 95% of the snowbikes I see out there are 450s.
Nov 29, 2007
I sure like my 501 with my aro 3. The 501 has a full fmf system, a get box, head porting, cam, and a high compression piston. It works great fro my riding style. My son on the other hand loves his 450. I would say evaluate how you ride, and pick your best option. You can't go wrong with either one.
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