Theres Mountain Riding In Newfoundland

Mar 28, 2008
Dont forget the far east we have Hundreds of Miles of awsome Mountain riding..check out My Backcountry hillbillies vids on Youtube to see the riding..phatmountainfilms also worth a look, as well as the far for you eastern guys craving some mountain riding to travel all the way to the rockies ,Newfoundland might be the cheeper alternative for you...feal free to ask if you have any questions about riding here ill try my best to help.
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Aug 29, 2008
wow that looks great! I started sleding in Northern UT, when I was going to school but now I am back east working in CT. How far of a drive would it be? Know of any mountain riding in the north eastern US? Some where I could go for a weekend?
always wanted to head up that way, been almost everywhere through quebec, its the drive up that road that's a problem in the winter and the alternative is the train? i heard there's only one place to stay and one restaraunt, is that correct?(in labrador). are there guides avail? i know there's lots of open back country there with out the altitude problems out west.thx
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