The New "GoPro Hero10"


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Nov 1, 2008
Rigby, Idaho
Absolutely loved my Hero 9 last year.
Got some of the best video ever out of that little camera.

This morning I pulled the trigger and ordered the new HERO10 after they sweetened the deal a bit more by adding a spare battery and an external charger for free.
Everything I liked about last year just got BETTER.!


The Hero 10 brings a slate of updates to it, though, most of them are more minor. And in fact, what I’d argue as two of the most practical upgrades, the wired offloading for content and the new hydrophobic lens, work with the Hero 9. The wired upgrade works from today with the updated GoPro app, and the new lens can also be purchased as well.

Still, there’s plenty of good stuff in here, arguably especially for mountain bikers and others that want higher frame rates in SuperView. So, let’s dive into it:

Doubled Frame Rates: Essentially for any given Hero 9 resolution you can double the frame rates on the Hero 10 (except up to 480FPS). For example, 5K/30FPS became 5K/60FPS, 4K/60FPS became 4K/120FPS, and 2.7K/120FPS became 2.7K/240FPS, and so on up/down the line

– Changed to new GP2 Chipset: This is GoPro’s own internal silicon, or System On a Chip (SoC) for powering the graphics pipeline. Their previous GP1 chipset has been powering cameras for a few years now.

HyperSmooth 4.0 Added: This makes HyperSmooth available in more modes, but notably increases the tilt from 27° to 45° in Linear Horizon Leveling for certain framerates, such as 4K/60.

– Added Local Tone Mapping to Video: Previously, GoPro did local tone mapping for their SuperPhoto mode, however, that’s now coming to video as well. The idea being that it’ll bring out more contrast and textures.

Increased Low-Light Performance: GoPro says they reduced noise, primarily in 4K/30 and 4K/24, in low-light situations like at dusk or in a dark forest (though don’t expect much change in full night situations).

Livestreaming has HyperSmooth now: Previously, there wasn’t any meaningful stabilization on livestreamed content. Now it’s using the full HyperSmooth 4.0 stack

– Taking still from video up to 19.6MP: Previously this was about 12-14MP depending on mode. This is frankly how I capture 99% of the photos that come from my video

– Changed to 23.6MP for all photo modes: Previously only raw photos supported 23.6MP, whereas now all photo modes except LivePhoto (which is just video), support the higher 23.6MP photos.

New Hydrophobic coating on lens: This new lens sheds water better, so water droplets don’t form on the lens itself. This lens can be purchased for the Hero 9.

– More scratch resistant lens: GoPro says the new lens is more scratch resistant than previous lenses.

– New Lens reduces pink flares: In certain lighting conditions, the old lens can show some pink light flares (usually a petal look), GoPro says these should be reduced.

Added Wired/Cable Offloads to Phone: This allows you to offload the footage to your phone via cable. This is available for the Hero 9 as well, from today (with the updated GoPro Quik app). This makes download far faster, and doesn’t tie up your phone’s WiFi connectivity.

Faster WiFi Uploads: GoPro says the Hero 10 will offload content via WiFi some 30% faster.

– Faster and more responsiveness on back touchscreen. This is most noticeable in conjunction with other high processor activities, such as taking a SuperPhoto. But also even when the screen is wet, it seems to handle better in my testing.

– Front preview screen supports higher resolutions better: Previously if you shot in 5K, the front preview screen would be heavily laggy. Now it’s smooth like the back screen.

– All GoPro Mods Are Compatible: All GoPro Mods from the Hero 9 are compatible, with the one notable exception that while the GoPro Max Lens mod is compatible, it won’t be enabled till a firmware update in November, due to them still working some kinks out with the GP2 chipset and that specific Mod.

– Changed the GoPro on-camera logo/number to blue: I know this might seem silly, but it allows you to spot a GoPro Hero 10 from the front, based on the blue lettering. No other GoPro has blue lettering.

Next, there’s a handful of changes coming in a planned November firmware update for the GoPro Hero 10, which should be called out here, mainly so I don’t forget them anywhere else. They are as follows:

  1. Additional being added:
    • 5K 4:3 24fps
    • 4K 4:3 30/25/24fps
    • 5.3K 24fps
    • 1080 24fps
  2. Adding SuperView lens for 5.3K 30/25/24fps
  3. Adding GoPro Max Lens Mod support for Hero 10
And here’s some things that haven’t changed this year:

– The battery is the same as the Hero 9, and can be used interchangeably
– Battery life is roughly the same as the Hero 9
– The camera is still waterproof to 33ft as before
– Still has the same microphones as the Hero 9
– Has the lower built-in metal mounting fingers as the Hero 9
– Has the same side door as before
– Still can’t view the preview stream from a phone once you press the record button (though, sounds like more a patent court-case issue)

Essentially, it’s externally the same as a Hero 9 (save the lens cover), whereas internally it’s got all the new innards that make it faster and more capable.

Lastly, pricing. It’s gotten $50 more expensive – so now it’s $399 for GoPro Subscribers, or $499 without. Technically you can buy it at $399 including that first year of GoPro subscription. You are permitted to cancel the automatic renewal of that subscription before the end of the year (whereas if you cancel the actual subscription then it’ll charge you the extra $100. Either way, this is $50 more than GoPro did for the Hero 9 – though, given the craziness of world shipping rates and chipset shortages, we’re probably a bit lucky.



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Nov 1, 2008
Rigby, Idaho
And there is this little new feature that will be MOST WELCOME as well

GoPro Hero 10 Enduro battery.

As for the new Enduro battery ($24.99) GoPro states it will extend recording times to an average of 56 minutes of 5.3K/60 video at 14F/-10C. When used at moderate temperatures, 5.3K/60 shots should see a boost of 28 percent in duration while 4K/120 videos will enjoy a 40 percent improvement in record time. The new cell will be compatible with both the Hero 9 Black and the Hero 10 Black and thankfully comes in a different color so that you won't mix it up with your standard batteries.
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