Test Avi Air Packs?


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Is it Kosher to test your pack occasionally?

Is an older unit that's never been fired considered good as long as the cyl is still charged?

Doo the cyls on these have a charge gauge? (Like a fire extinguisher)



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Nov 29, 2007
Plymouth, MN
Testing them once per year is a GREAT idea - IMO. That said, when i owned an ABS Escape where the canister and trigger cost 170 each time I fire them, i did not test on an annual basis. Now that I have a BCA with normal air in it, and i have refilled with a hand pump (so I know it can be done the hard way - and it's not all that bad) - i will test mine at the beginning of each year.

Ultimately, it's my own piece of mind that comes from testing it. Regular testing doesn't make it (or me) invincible - i still need to make smart decisions, but it sure adds a little bit of extra comfort knowing that it will work if needed.


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Feb 1, 2010
FWIW, ABS cyclinder and trigger exchanges can be had for about $60 US on SnowBigDeal. Used to be able to get an exchange at haydays for as little as $30, but haven't seen it for a couple of years. I still do have an ABS pack. Klim's, and Pieps, approach is a good one - need to get third parties out of the refill game, without having to have access to dry air refill. We'll see how the durability of bag and battery holds up.


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Oct 25, 2019
Castle Rock, WA
UBS to charge a super capacitor batteries maintain charge (2-3 months) or will bring charge up to full if deployed with no access to elec on the mtn bag is filled by high speed fan


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Nov 1, 2008
Southwestern Idaho
I have the PIEPS Avy pack, and Its pretty nice to be able to deploy multiple times for practice, or in the case of an accidental deployment while riding, and not need to scramble to find a location to re-fill a high pressure canister. This is the future of avalanche packs . . .in my opinion.


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Feb 17, 2008
Boise, ID
Over the years I have been in several soft snow avalanches and a couple of successful rescues of fellow riders so I ave been considering an avi pack for a long time but always thought the canister system was problematic since they are single use and require a third party to refill the canister.

Finally stepped up and bought the KLIM 26 Avi Pack and will endeavor to never need to deploy it, however it will be nice to have in case needed.
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