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s-chassis mod sled now underway

hey guys got one major question, I was running a set of fox shocks up front 14.5 ctc, im dropping my m-10 down and back to clear my 2in challenger track, so I bought a set of 17.25 foxs off an old Polaris xcr 440. the current set up has them mounted upside down, what is the clearance issue on why I have to run them like that when I switch them they seem to fit fine ive attached pictures of what I got so far. I want to add podium clickers on to my new shocks so I would like them mounted right side up to be able to run the braided line through the belly pan
here are some pics as you can see what I started with a 97 formula z, had an 121 m-10 originally I sourced this 141 m-10 im setting it down and back to run a 144x2 challenger which I just scored off ebay for 320 bucks!! I got the Polaris shocks off ebay as well there pretty beat but with a rebuild and some sandblasting/powdercoating they'll clean up note the dual rate springs, but that's my dilemma so far can I run the new one right side up


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ive been following lynn Williams or "maize" on doo talk and here for years I see he originally ran his shocks upside down and when he added on the podium clickers he switched it ive tried phoning him and emailing with no results anybody know how to get ahold of him


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