REVIEW: BC Link 2-Way Radio for "Group" Communications


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Dec 30, 2010
Meridian, ID
Don't see how as Mic/Speaker has embedded radio controls in it?
I've used earbuds with mine. Mic I don't think so but I didn't try headphones with a mic. they plug in near where the cord attaches to the handset.

Oh, and I love mine. Long battery, great range, and I can hear mine over my XM enough to know someone's saying something and I can usually hear what it is. This year will see me finding some in-helmet phones to try.


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Dec 14, 2007
for those of you interested in the interference with beacons, I reached out to MIKE DUFFY to do some testing and he reports the following findings.....

For those of you not familiar with MIKE, he does a ton of testing and product development for BCA.

I ran some tests with the BCA Link to check interference. Conclusion: When searching have beacon a full arms length away from body, no bend in elbow. Don't have someone talking on radio when searching. Don't keep beacon close to belly when searching. Best to have radios off while searching or have persons searching have beacon full arms length from body. Don't talk on radios during search unless emergency.

Had a T2 with 98% battery life sitting on the ground with a BC Link in a pack 1' behind it. I measured out 200' and used a T3 with a Float Throttle on my back with a BC Link in the pack with smart mic on shoulder strap to see how it was affected in the following situations:

BC Links off: Search range of T3 was 164'. This is getting 3 steady screen read outs in a row.

BC Links on and in stand by. Search range of T3 was 150' when held about 8' out from waist. Search range of T3 was 159' when held out at arms length fully extended with no bend in elbow. Also got a search range of 169' when held 8' out from waist, but #'s on screen did not drop steadily until I got into the 40-50 meter range on the screen.

BC Link near T2 is keyed (talking) when searching with T3. Search range of T3 is 153', but screen stays on same # and does not steadily decrease until you get in the 30-40 meter range on the screen.

My BC Link radio off, BC Link radio on standby at T2. My arm fully extended. Search range of T3 is 165'. 2nd attempt, search range is 156', 3rd attempt search range is 156'

BC Link radios on standby, arm extended full length. Search range of T3 is 154' BC Link affected search range 6%

Mike Duffy
Avalanche education for mountain riders.
I was considering these, thought they would be helpful in many situations but I'm not sure due to the avi interference issues. Might be small and potentially mitigated in some cases by turning off etc. but it's still a risk.
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Dec 14, 2007
For $39 you can get a Baofeng UV5R. You can get an all weather handset speaker mic for a little extra.

It has 4 watts output and covers FRS, GMRS, and 2m/70cm Ham Radio band. Because it has a removable antenna and power output exceeds 1/2 watt FRS limit, a license is required for non-ham band use and of course a Ham radio license needed for Ham Radio frequencies.

I have a pair and used them extensively during the summer ATVing. The work better than anything else I have tried other than a "real/namebrand" 2m radio such as Yaesu, Kenwood, or Icom.

The only way I'd buy the BCA radio is if BCA comes with a VOX with helmet speaker and mic similar to the Collet Communicator. I own 2 900mhz Collet communicators and they work ok but I really like the cost, range and capabilities of the Baofeng.

Looks like BCA is trying to repurpose a radio they designed for skiers.


i recommend this antenna

this speaker mic

or this one

this setup also works well and is included with most of the baofeng radios

here is the radio with the extended battery. i think most people will not want to in vest the effort to learn how to operate/program/use this one.

here is a 6 pack of bf888's. these and a programming cable will be everything you need to get started. these really are very good little radios. read some reviews... i own a small herd of these and can say that this is the real deal. these are simple to operate once they've been programmed. mostly idiot proof.

and the programming cable. be sure to order the ftdi cable.

the programming software can be found at
look for "chirp". its free for the dl.
Good info, any easy tutorials for programming the radio for sledding use, legally? Sounds like you can get yourself in trouble if used incorrectly.
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