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muffpot recipe!!!

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Nov 26, 2007
Eugene Or.

Chinese barb-b-que Pork! with sweet hot mustard
It's the best!
My muff pot mount broke and I had my heart set on some trail pork!

beer gut

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Nov 2, 2004
Centennial, CO
give your cook time too! first year with cookpot and not sure what to expect!!

Cook times can vary greatly depending on sled (where you have it mounted), riding type (how much you're on the throttle), etc.

On my old '98 Summit, we'd be smelling Pizza Rolls or BBQ sauce after about a half hour. On the Rev, it takes much longer. You'll probably need to experiment a little...

Jeff C

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Jul 4, 2001
Mahtomedi, MN
After much testing, and I have the beltline to prove it, I can say with precision what the various cooking times needed for each type of meat etc.

First of all we need to establish some parameters.

trail riding does not produce the heat at the same rate than does WFO hill pulls. Sidehilling produces the most heat @ WFO

****20 minutes of trail riding equals +- four 2 minute WFO hill pulls
****For quick "microwave" type heating, get yourself sidehilling at low speeds but high RPM's. A three minute WFO sidehill equals 11 minutes of trail riding or two 2 minute WFO hill pulls.

I find that the more "liquidy" the item you are trying to heat, the longer it takes to heat that item.

Hot dogs = Trail ride for 40 minutes, then 3.5 minutes of WFO sidehilling. Pull the tin foil off the top and take another 2 minute WFO hill pull. That will give the top of the hotdog a nice brown hue.

Hot pockets = About the same as hotdogs

Chili = Forty six WFO 2 minute hill pulls. Chili is tough, the outside may seem done, bu if you skimp on your pulls, you will have a cold center.

Fish = Put a table spoon of water inside the tin foil to keep it moist. Nothing worse than eating dry fish. Happily, this item takes much less time to heat up. A quick 20 minute trail ride and a 79 second WFO sidehill gets Martha Stewart jealous on the taste!!

A nice little thing I have seen some do is to unhook a EGT probe (If you have one), then spear the food item with it. You can then use your LCD readout to check the progress. I think this is selling out a bit, but you can't argue the results.

Hopefully this little guide will prove to be helpful. It took years, and about 50 pounds to get this muffpot cooking thing down to a science. So I got that going for me........................Which is nice!


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Nov 26, 2007
End of the Road!!
Jeff c
that sweet you need to have cook book lololol thanks

are the most of you cooking from raw? frozen? half cooked? just warming?
if you reheating something that would not take as long as original cook time?


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Oct 5, 2001
Chester, SD
hope not to hijack this thread, but I cant find the pipe mounts for my muffpots. Anyone have a idea where to buy them????

CO 2.0

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Nov 26, 2007
Fort Collins, CO
Those precooked meat loaf and mash potato packages for like $6. They are great. Perfect size. Put mine in and rode around doing some WOT pulls up a hill for 10-15 minutes and done!


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Jan 26, 2004
NW Montana
Reynolds Oven Bags work wonders on keeping the mess away. :)

Possibilities are endless. I've cooked shrimp scampi, great for heating leftover chicken, chili and hot dogs, burritos, little smokies, pigs in a blanket, brauts, cheddar brauts, basically just about anything you want. Burritos are mostly what I bring.....just because I can bring extras along (I put them in frozen), and if the hubby or I want more.....I have a couple spares in my rack bag for that purpose.

Trail riding doesn't do anything near like getting out and playing. When I'm hungry earlier, rather than later......then I'm on the throttle and playing all over. Doesn't take too much time then. Your nose will let you know when your food is getting ready (or the noses of your riding buds).

Nothing tops a hot meal while out riding. Warms the insides, and gives a nice energy boost. :D


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Nov 11, 2001
Gillette, WY

I have cooked left over stew, we have had left over prime rib cut up with mushrooms and a brandy sauce, chicken with the same, smokies, brats, burritos, fish/crab with the similar types of sauces and mushrooms........possibilities are almost endless!!
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