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IndySpecialties P85 Clutch


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Nov 15, 2009
Laramie, WY
I ordered a new P85 primary clutch from IndyDan in Welch, MN on a Sunday night, had it on Thursday all set up for my 04' RMK. Balanced, shimmed, well packaged: so much better than new. Included in this purchase were some instructions on proper clutch torquing sequence, a nice Indy Specialties beer coozie that I use on the daily (no break downs yet), a sticker, and a magnetic calender for 2013! The transaction was through Ebay, and Dan was always prompt to respond to my messages.

I hope its no secret, but Dan runs his shop the way a shop ought to be run. I would not hesitate to send more business his way. Well got to go refill that beer coozie she's getting low!
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