For Sale: Vintage 1976 SRX340 and SRX440 and 1977 SRX440 Yamaha Snow Race Manuals

These are copies of the 1976 Yamaha Snow race manual with lots of information on modifying your Srx340 or Srx440’s. Also is a list of Technical bulletins from Yamaha as well.

The other manual is a 1977 SRX440 Yamaha Snow Race manual with similar information on the SRX440 of that year. As with the other manual there are Attached Technical Bulletins with it also, however some sheets did not copy straight and a few words may be missing on some pages, see attached pic to see.
There are 61 pages in total of great info.
Please email me with any questions you might have

$20.00 USD shipped to Canada or the USA

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