First sled in 8 years. Help?

Mar 31, 2020
Hello everyone,
I'm moving to Alaska sometime this summer (as long as COVID-19 doesn't mess everything up). My last sled was a 2004 Arctic Cat ZR (yes its ok to laugh). I sold it about 8 years ago because of college. No time or money to ride. So its been a minute since I rode and I'm kind of outta the loop on sleds now. I've been looking at a 2018 M8000 sno pro 153 that is in my price range. Ive also been looking at an RMK 800 that is around the same price. I don't consider myself a brand loyalist but my 04 ZR ran awesome. Never really had to put a lot of money into it other than normal wear and tear stuff, and i rode it a lot. So I'm kind of partial to Arctic Cat. My question is in regards to reliability. Both sleds I'm looking at are right around the 1,300 mile range. Both are owned by older guys and are bone stock. Can anyone shed any insight on any reliability issues with these sleds? I've also never ridden a long track. I've lived in Michigan my whole life so long tracks were never really necessary. I realize that the newer sleds (no matter the sled) are completely different than what i'm used to, but is there anything I should watch out for since I'm going to be new to the mountain riding? Thank you for your time and I hope everyone stays safe through this virus mess.


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Dec 28, 2008
I would only get the polaris if it's 2018 or newer.

Other than that just pick your favorite color. Cat is a better sled for trails because it's lower. Axys is easier to finesse around in fresh.

Just do a search in the ascender and axys forums. Both good sleds but each have things to look out for


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Dec 13, 2007
agree on the 18+ polaris. If they dont mind you being an annoying tire kicker, see if you can have them pull the pipe real quick so you can at least look up the y-pipe with a bright flashlight and get a gander at the condition of the piston fronts and back of the cylinder walls. Likely both sleds will look ok, id buy the one that looks best. put a defender intake from mountain fit on the cat if you get it and youll be set for a couple thousand more miles with routine clutch maintanance. check both primary clutches for wear/cracks, mainly the cat, but clutch condition is a good indication of how the rest of the sled will be. Oh and my personal opinion in general on the two, the cat is better at faster pace mountain riding/pounding stuff and straight up climbing and the poo is a little better at slower sideways across the mountain through tight trees and also goes down hill easier sometimes where the cat can get divey. theres parts availible of course that can make either do the other better haha


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Nov 18, 2010
Fairbanks, Alaska 99725
What's bringing you to Alaska? What part will you be moving to? Sounds like your buying down there which is probably a good decision.

I owned and rode several ZR sleds here and the newer sleds no matter what you get will be amazing. The older sleds beat you to death

I agree with what was said above and would prefer the 18 cat, but it is personel preference.
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