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Dragon parts

Nov 26, 2007
Washington State
Have a few things off of my 08 Dragon left over after I sold it.

4 SLP air vents (never used) part # was 32-304, don't know if they are the same still

Hyperfax already cut for 155" 08 Dragon

Clutch weights X3 (10-64) off 08 Dagon

60x WPS light weight track clips (new never used) 54-15013

Team Lightweight Rapid Reaction Twin Trax Helix 62-42-46-ER/58-42-36-ER Used once on 08 Dragon

41T and 20T sprockets off 08 Dragon Blk and pink/Blk/and Blue Pink clutch springs used 1 year.

This stuff fits more than just 08 Dragon obviously.

PM me if interested, will separate or sell as bundle
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