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Jan 4, 2011
Duluth, MN
Funny when I could see this from a mile away when it first started here. Now finally more and more people are catching on. Even if it was as serious as the media makes it out to be it is still 100% illegal what states are doing with their restrictions. Enough is enough. Let er rip. Then find out how much of a farce it really is.


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Oct 14, 2008

For those of you that think a cloth is going to save you please think about this. We all wear masks (pants and Underwear) on our butts everyday, but if I fart you WILL smell it even thru 2 layers. So that means my particles are getting into your nose and mouth. What makes you think putting a thin cloth face covering is going to stop small viruses and other germs from getting thru that? Unless you are wearing the medical N95 respirator it’s not doing any good. If I fart and you can smell it thru my pants, underwear, & your face covering it’s not doing any good.

Share of you agree.

If you want to wear a mask for your comfort do it. But to mandate that everyone has to wear one to go into stores is ridiculous.

This analogy came because of the pee meme going around.
Viruses are not like pee. They are more like farts.

Sent it
Have you farted in a N95 mask? Do so and report back. I’m curious!
I used to test charcoal filters by farting into them. If the person smellingafter filter smelled fart, the filter needed to be changed. Haha


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Nov 26, 2007
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Don't know the death rate when you don't know who has had it but the same goes for the flu. Both are inaccurate imo.
Your opinion doesn't trump statistics.

Yes numbers can be manipulated, but there's really no way to manipulate these so that influenza is worse.

Even Trump isn't claiming anymore that it's just a flu.


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Apr 22, 2010
The Today show Savannah Gunthrie reported that Annie Glenn age 100 passed away from the cornavirus . Really ? I guess that is kind of a young age and if it wasn't for the virus she would of lived to 200 . The media is relentless , can you imagine what John would of said . I think it would of been something like F- - - YOU !

How many millions does this news person make to say something so stupid and heartless .


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Apr 22, 2010
I had to go to Lowe's to pick up a few parts . I park in a nice wide open area , closest vehicle is at least a good 40' . I go threw the normal exit area not noticing any signs and when I get to the second slider a guy is coming out , and gives me a dirty look . I was on it , stepped to the side even more to make sure I was out of the 6' range . Silly me , rebel that I am thinking what an ass , probably have at least 20 years on him , strike and not even inside yet . Get inside and head for what I need , wondering now if they move crap on the shelves like some other joint does to make you shop .
So I get to what I need but the lanes is divided almost the full length and I'm standing back watching these two guys shopping and an employee helping one from a distance of a good 15' giving directions on a part , to your left to your left down below to your left . I almost walked over there and pointed it out till I got distracted by the prerecording on the speakers .
It started grating on me , talking about making sure the shelves are stocked and to please keep the 6' distance blah blah blah , getting a little irritated that's strike two , bringing to mind of some sterilized movie .
I grab what I need and head for the self check with the plexi dividers so big that there's barely 6' to walk between . Two of the items are not recognized in the bagging area so I pick the first up and drop it a couple of times before it lets me proceed . The second one does the same thing multiple times , this time it gets a good swift kick to the base , God forbid that an employee come over with their ID card , strike three , pay for my stuff and I'm out .

I guess this is what cattle feel like , going from an open range to the action to the slaughter house .
May 2, 2013
Actually it is more like teaching a really old dog new tricks. You try asking nicely and give them treats to teach. Even the stubborn ones eventually figure it out. Or ask to speak to the manager like a good Karen would.
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