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Castle Peak access?

Mar 10, 2013
Went up to Donner Lake interchange parking lot to access Castle Peak yesterday. Followed tracks 2-3 miles in and then were unable to find our way to Castle Peak. No markings along trail to speak of. Didn't have time to load up again and drive to/unload at Boreal access--and parking there is always awful. So, could someone describe how to travel from Donner Lake Interchange parking lot to Castle Peak? I looked all over the web and can't find any helpful information. The maps at the DL Interchange aren't helpful either.


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May 7, 2003
Sparks, NV
vw181 - Your best bet is to try and find someone who knows that area and can take you in there from the DLI or go up there and follow someone in. Not the best place to go on a Lewis & Clark expedition. Basically, you need to head directly North and get up to the first ridgetop, go left a little ways and then find a spot to drop off down into the trees, then go left(West) and cross through an open area and head North again and work your way up the hillside to the last ridgeline. Castle Peak will be on your left.

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Dec 24, 2007
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I went in from LTS on Sunday. We went past independence and we were over looking at Castle Peak. No one’s been in that way because there’s not enough snow yet. Still lots of rock showing. As the Z said you need to know where you’re going. Lots of CliffS back there. Be careful.
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