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Brand loyal



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Nov 14, 2009
Lava Hot Springs, ID
I have not rode 1 yet but had to limp a PRO RMK out today the primary clutch broke! it sheared off behind the bell leaving the bolt to hold on for dear life the motor side sheath will have to be cut off its like a 6hr job so my friend is out a sled for a while!


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Dec 26, 2007
Has anyone that is not brand loyal to polaris, rode the new pro? I would like to hear from some of the Cat or Doo guys about the Pro.

had yamaha's back in the day,phazer, v-max, srx, then a 05 king cat, now a t-nytro and rode a pro.....bought one its a hoot its like riding a dirt bike you can just toss it around.

I ride with a guy, good rider, on a 08 dragon...the pro stomps it. ride all three and see if its for you, i did and liked the pro it was the most fun.
Apr 8, 2009
Bend OR
I've been a cat guy all my life. I ride a 06 M7 currently, but I'm buying a new sled this summer. I was planing on getting a 09 or 10 M8, however I just rode a 2011 polaris pro. The pros just roll up on their side so much easier. And the biggest difference I noticed is if you are sidehilling, and have it rolled into the hill, and you want to turn up the hill, just step back on the running board and give her a little gas, and it will shoot right up. I think the cats take a little more work to get to turn up the hill. I hate to switch to polaris because I've got so many spare parts for the m-series, and my dad will probably kill me, but I think its worth it.
Oct 6, 2011
hate to say it

im a cat guy but my buddy just bought a new pro. its pretty sweet. everything is easy to get to to work on it and clean under the hood. looks like a dirt bike, and seems to be pretty well balanced. tunnel's pretty chincy and no storage at all though. Should be getting somewhere over new years to ride, definently gonna have to steal it for a test drive.
On my last two rides out i spoke to two guys running the pro's and they both love then. One was a Doo guy, the other im not sure but they had nothing bad to say and they were doing allot of ranting about the handling and ease of boondocking through the trees etc...


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May 6, 2008
Ft McMurray, AB

My bro bought a new pro. I have ridden it on numerous occasions... love it. I borrowed the dealer sled and rode it for a day on the hill... awesome!!! I ride a turbo Nytro, love it too but it is not an everyday, every ride sled. I've been riding it for 4 seasons and have learned to ride it well. The pro... rode it for 5 minutes and away I went. Snowchecking one this year. I won't be getting rid of the Yammy but the pro will probly be seeing a lot of riding next season. Yammy may become my spare lol.
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