Anyone ever try one of these?


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Dec 5, 2007
Buddy of mine with a Nytro left me one at the Lodge last spring. Yes we all gave him a hard time about it but I am thinking it would be great to pull something into the trailer being 12 volt and all. Looks like a well built unit but have never used in the wild, seems like overkill to me especially if riding with peeps. That being said after I bought a HighJacker which everyone gave me s**t for I wouldn't ride without the jack. On and off in no time and simple to use, faster than tugging on skis most times. Usually get myself out before anyone shows up to help, or maybe they are just ignoring me huh! It is light and you don't even know it's there. I think that is a much better choice than a 15# winch.


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Jul 23, 2008
Sussex, Wisconsin
I ran into an old timer in Upper Michigan a few winters ago with a winch like that mounted under the hood of his polaris. Ran the cable out a hood opening.
Jul 4, 2008
orem, utah
my buddy and i were out riding last year and saw a sled stuck in the trees. we went over to lend a hand and out of the four guys in that group (only one sled was stuck, on flat ground around a tree) they were all yelling about getting a winch out. my buddy and i promptly stopped them, told them to just get out of the way, and we pulled the sled around.

my point being, in most cases where you could actually use a winch, you wont "need" it. I can think back to some good stucks ive had and i dont recall being in a situation where i couldve really used a winch to my advantage. I think the winch would be useful back at the trailer, but no more useful than a comealong.

EDIT: let me clarify, the winch would not be advantageous due to how i am usually stuck. Its usually in tight trees or steep hills, both of which would make it difficult to use a winch to my advantage.
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