750 stand up ski faster than a new 800 2500.00

Mar 2, 2008
750 stand up ski faster than a new 800 2000.00

kawasaki 650 with 750 big bore engine very torqey and fast. Clean ski with lots of extras. MRD Girdled head, brand new engine(10 hours) from new crate/ out of the box brand new parts,twin carbs, mariner intake, west coast ex. manifold, coffman pipe, wizzy water box, after market jet pump, ride plate, your choice of intake scoops, billet steering plate, straighter handle bars, nice paint job, (does have an ugly nspot where I repaired the hull and didn't sand down and re paint on the side near the back). 2000.00 this is dirt cheap for what this boat has.:D Agni 406 752 6211
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