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2018 Silber 850 Rips!



Well-known member
Dec 3, 2007
Bozeman, MT
Ive been around a few of these sleds and have had my kit on all season. Just wanted to share my experience with it so far. I put about 1000 miles on each season. All MTN miles, Mainly from Cooke city up to Whitefish MT. This set up has been pull and go all year! Very happy with the set up this season.
Seems to get about the same fuel and Oil mileage. Sled is a 154 X package and i rode it 1000 miles all stock last year to compare. Belt life has gotten better this year, which i contribute to skidoos updated motor mounts. But also means Silbers clutching is easy on belts. I run 3psi on pump fuel most of the time, 5psi if im riding above 8000 feet elevation. Feel free to ask any questions!

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