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2013 rmk 600 high idle (sometimes)

Hi all. I was on my second ride in the mountains today with my new to me rmk 600. About 15 miles in, it started to have some high idling issues. At first it would only idle down to about 3400 rpm, so I would have to mess with the throttle to get down to its usual 1800 rpm. But it just kept getting harder and harder to get it to idle right, until finally I couldn't get it down to 1800 at all. I tried to turn it off and let it cool for a while (maybe 5 mins) but when I started it back up the rpms jumped right up to around 3400. So we decided to head back to the trail.
Just above the treeline I shut it off for about half an hour. When I started it back up it was still doing th same thing, but when we got below the treeline on the trail, it seemed to be acting normal again. (Maybe twice I had to flip the throttle to get it back to 1800 rpms)
When we got to the truck it was idling high again, but now if I played with the throttle enough I could get it down to the 1800 rpm range.
Also when I was able to get it down to 1800 rpms and put it in reverse I wasnt able to take it back out of reverse (even when the rpms were around 1800) so I would have to shut it off and start it back up to get it back into forward.

When I unloaded it at home it was idling fine and I could switch it in and out of reverse with no problem
(ie the machine was working as it should)

I've done a bit of research about it and it sounds like it could be the throttle adjuster or(and) the TPS. But in all of the cases a read about, the rpms were STUCK at around 3400 and couldn't be brought down. Strange that in my case I could sometimes get them down to the 1800 range.

I bought it from the original owner who's wife rode it. They treated it very well and it had no issues. It had 725 miles when I got it and I have put about 50 on it.

Any way I plan to call up my local Polaris shop tomorrow to see what they can suggest, but I figured I'd stop in here first.

Thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I remembered that the high idling issues didn't begin 15 miles in. They actually started as soon as we got off the trail above the treeline.
At first all I had to do was flip the throttle a bit, but about 15 miles in, is when it got super difficult to bring the rpms down to 1800.

Also I forgot to add that before the ride I adjusted the handlebar and riser angle.
So maybe I messed with the throttle cable or something.
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