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Default Arctic Cat Clutch Thread Links

Arctic Cat Parts Online Look-up 1974 to 2011
Arctic Cat Drive Clutch and Driven Clutch Component Part Numbers and Specs.
Cat Torque/Tech/Specs

How to read spark plugs

2010 M8 Broken Primary Springs (Something to check)
D&D big dog weights vs. cat weights
07-09 M8 Clutching setups
Clutch Backshifting 10 M8
M8 SLP performance pkg clutching
Trying to dial in the clutching on my 09 M8
2010 M8 Broken primary spring
Question on clutching with SLP Pipe Kit on 09 M8 SP 153
2010 M8 cluthing question...slow shift from 7900-8150
2010 M8 clutching observation, etc.
2010 M8 Black/Orange spring breakage
More or Less Primary Weight for 53/67 Gears on M8
Confused on cutlers adjustable weights on 10' M8 9000ft+
2 belts=165miles,whats wrong,M8
M8 clutching setup list - post your setup
09 m8 belts exploding
8 clutch setup Please post your M8 clutching setups
SLP Clutching for a 08 M1000
How do you remove a spider form a m1000 clutch
How to stop blowing belt on a M1000?
09 M1000 with MDS weights
Cutler secondary kit
2009 M1000 Blew belt with 300 Miles on sled
Best rpms for 1000's SLP exhaust
M1000 mountain riders what helix you running?
Who's running the Cutler adjustable weights?
M1000 clutching setup list - post your setup
Clutching M1000, mod
2006 M7 clutching help
M7 Clutching and related Related Clutching information
1.507 is the best alignment?
M-series Clutch Kits
Shift Assist vs. RKT/Cutlers Conversion
RKT dual spring secondary set up
RKT or Dalton clutching???
Adjustable weights
RKT 15hp kit or clutch kit?
What secondary spring/helix are you running in your torsion kit?
SLP (BDX) helix for mountains 44/36 (Radiused) or 44/36 (Progressive)
Anyone running RKT or CPC torsional on an 09?
Clutch Alignment
2008 M8 Belt Exploded???? ANY Help?
Clutch Alignment documentaion 08 and 2010 M8
clutch puller part #'s???
Added shims to align clutchs, now secondary bolt won't start
Arctic Cat clutch alignment update
How to check clutch alignment?
Taking belt off M?
2010 046 v.s 060
Primary Clutch
What's better for RPM heavier primary or lighter weights?
You M1000 SLP MTX weight guys
Interesting new product. ABC Kit
Clutch Balance
IndyDan Clutch Balancing
Clutch Problems...Removing Primary
Possible Primary Clutch Bad Roller Fix
Primary clutch springs? help please!
What is the best way to remove the primary?
How to change the primary spring
M series clutch life
2 grams shaved off primary weights without any change?
Snapped Bolt on Cluch
Help!! Need set screws for weights!!
How to Resolve Belt Slipping in the Primary - M1K
Primary gold spring?
Primary clutch cover torque spec.
Changing weights
Opening up the spring cup on an M series clutch?
Clutching - Light or Heavy Primary Spring Best
Best Way to Deal w/ Broken Spider???
M8 clutch (how to service) if at all possible
Clutch won't come off with Water?
Secondary Clutch
Shift assist a good thing or a bad thing. After running it, I'm leaning toward Bad.
RK Tek Clutch Kit spring tension
What does a helix do exactly?
Shift assist???
Belt Blower - Opinions needed ASAP!!!
D&D Shift Assist Kit Install
What's the Best Aftermarket Secondary (Driven) Clutch?
46/36 instead of 46/40. What to expect?
Replace your super soft Helix Screws with Allen Head Machine Screws
Supreme Tool 11" secondary
Installing a shift assist should i change stock spring??
So if my Primary gets hotter than my secondary???
Belt blows at 120kmh
Kinda new to clutching. Could use some guidance
RPM and Track Speed fall flat in powder! Need Clutching Help Please
How will gearing down affect clutching?
M8 Turbo
M8RGT clutch setup what are you running?
Turbo m8 clutch engagement’s
3 post vs 4 post
M1000 Turbo
Primary clutch for MT1000
3 tower vs 4 tower on a M1000 turbo?
Secondary clutch for turbo
m-1000 turbo larger driven clutch?
Belt deflection 09 m1000
060 or 046 belt on M1000???
Anybody change gearing to improve low end turbo lag on M7?
1M-King Cat
Clutch options 04 900 MC
rpm dropping off? 04 King Cat
clutches don't align 1M
900 clutching and jetting
Belts 05 900
Drilling clutch weights to shave 2 grams
belt blower 04 King Cat
04 King Cat RPMs Falling Off. Help
clutch issues 900
King Cat Clutching Setup Comparisons
Belt installation tip that no one has mentioned
Non fixed pin to fixed pin clutch weights 03 900
King Cat Primary clutch set and torque specs??
Cutler 1000 and 1150 Clutch Specs
Primary Clutch Sticking 05 900
Progressive helix vs straight cut 900
Cutlers red/w Driven spring?
King Cat clutching
05 King Cat clutching
05 king cat clutch good or bad need opinions
800 Mountain Cat
Secondary froze on! 02 800
Clutch grinding at low rpms 02 800
Gearing up or heavier weights? 04 800
How the heck, removing primary??? 02 800
Primary removal MC 800
Team on a Cat 800
RPM Range & Clutching for 2003 MTN Cat 800 EFI
600 Mountain Cat
RPM Help! 03 600
Arctic Cat: Powder Special and older
1000 T-cat clutching???
Clutching for a 500 Mountain Cat
How to install clutch on a 95 580 powder special?
Belt Problems on 99 600 Powder Special
1998 Powder Special
clutch set up
clutch sticking
clutch engagement rpm?
Clutching and gearing to slow down a sled for younger riders?

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