1. Z

    Anyone have roller problems on secondary clutch

    I broke both roller bushings on my secondary. Has anyone else had this issue? What are the options for upgraded rollers for it? Anyone have any suggestions or rollers? Need ASAP. Thanks Greg
  2. S

    Assault 800 Silber Turbo Clutching

    Anyone out there boost their 800 Axys Assault 144? I have the 2” track on mine, usually run 7# at 8,000-10,000’ with 73.75 grams weight. I ran the springs that came in the Silber kit but looking for more insight on helix/springs if there are better options out there. Haven’t found much on...
  3. S

    Help with 2011 summit clutching

    Picked up a 2011 summit for my son and It has a mix of all kinds of stuff in the clutch. Could anyone help me out with a Set up that would work for 8000'. Sled is a 2011 summit X etec 146 x 1.75" 23/45 gears Thanks for any help.
  4. C

    600 mxz track extension clutch and gearing suggestions

    I have a 2014 mxz 600 carb sport. I have recently extended it from 120x.75 ripsaw to a 137x1.75. Now I need to make some adjustments with the clutching and possibly gearing so that it can make proper use of what power it has and that sweet new track. I really have no idea where to start so any...
  5. Northlight

    2017 mountain cat primary spring

    Hello! Since my mountain cat is at around 1500 km now I was thinking it was time to change the primary spring and because I'm a broke student I can't afford a clutch kit but a primary spring is something I am going to change anyways I want the best i can get, it is currently completely stock...
  6. M

    2016 XF 8000 High Country clutch set up?

    Taking our buddy out to Colorado this year. What clutching set up does he need for 8,000 plus elevation on his high country? What gram weights for the primary and do he need to do anything with the secondary? I'm a Polaris guy so not positive what cat requires. Just trying to help him out...
  7. K

    2005 iqr Mountain mod 2003 800ves rebuild need help

    2005 iqr Mountain mod 2003 800ves rebuild need help Hi so I just bought a 2005 iqr mountain modded sled and wanted to learn how to work on sleds and am going to need help if anyone is interested. Im going to put a pic of the ad so u can see what i have. I tore into the sled and the motor was...
  8. Northlight

    2017 mountain cat rpm problems

    I just got a mountain cat and I love the sled but I have had some issues with varying rpm, at first it would pull 8150 and sometimes drop to 7600ish but now suddenly it constantly revs 8300+ and I can't figure out why. Also the sled one time idled at 3500 so it would slowly move, but I'm not...
  9. S

    Axys Alignment Procedure

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the correct procedure for setting the axys rmk clutch alignment and offset. I've read that the mag side motor mounts are adjustable to allow for setting the offset but after looking at my sled, I can't figure out how to adjust them?
  10. L

    2016 M8000 Turbo team clutching?

    I have a 2016 M8000 with the factory team clutches. Working on installing a silber turbo and planning on running 5psi at 9,000 ft and above. I already have the venom adjustable weights and would like to keep them if possible to keep cost down. What else is needed or recomended for clutching...
  11. K

    clutching help

    hey guys, i have a 2011 Polaris assault 800 with an aerocharger 66 series turbo kit running 8psi. looking to have a little help clutching it as i am new to the turbo world. the sled trows a DET code when i try to pull a line off the trail or will throw the DET code first couple pulls of the day...
  12. S

    Mo-Flow Vents for the new Ascender

    Here are a few pics of our new vents for the Arctic Cat Ascender. All of our vent kits come with mounting hardware, instructions, and paper templates. You also have the option of choosing 7 different colors of mesh and the option to add pre filter to all the vents. Please check out our website...
  13. K

    Clutching for 2011 HCR 800 BD pump gas turbo

    I am currently in the process of buying a used boondocker pump gas turbo kit for my 2011 HCR 800 and I was wondering what people where running for clutching with a turbo. This kit im buying has no clutch components and I know I shouldn't be running stock clutching. I weigh roughly 200 pounds...
  14. ekingland

    2016 proclimb team springs

    i got a box full of springs and weights from dealer for my sled. i can't find anything telling me the correct combo. i ordered 2 combos sea level and above 9000-1000 elev. in the interest of time can someone tell me what the right combo is for each. springs 225, 255, 140/200, 180/240...
  15. V

    01 rmk 800 mod belt help

    I have a 01 polaris rmk mod chassis with an 03 xcr 800 tripple in it. Im having issues with what belt to get for it. The one on it started to fall apart right where the numbers are on it. I can tell its 321xx98. Going off of the spare and the number that came off oem for an 01 rmk 800 im...
  16. oldstyle33

    Roosterbuilt clutch parts

    I have a roosterbuilt setup on my 2008 XP. My ramps somehow developed a groove near the bottom of the ramp. What causes this? I am looking to find replacement ramps. Are there any numbers on what I need to order? I can't seem to find any numbers. Where do I get replacements? Thanks Brian
  17. DLynn

    NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy Face Clutch Cover

    After spending last season testing our new billet cover we are excited to release this replacement Polaris clutch cover. I comes in at about 100 grams lighter than the stock cover but more importantly it dissipates heat at a very fast rate. The open design reduces heat buildup due to excess...
  18. K

    2007 skidoo 800r problems

    Ok I bought a 2007 skidoo 800r with 1200 miles on it well sure enough the ticking time bomb engine went on me after about 300 miles on it. So I brought it to the dealer and they put in a new 800 short block engine with all the updates in it. I now have about 250 miles on it and it has been...
  19. M

    2011 600 E-Tec Summit Performance Help

    Hi I ride a 2011 600 E-Tec Summit Everest 146" and I am looking for help getting more power out of it. The only thing I have done to it is put an AAEN can on it. I ride Michigan's Upper Peninsula and I need more power when hill climbing and the really deep snow. I plan on putting a full SPI...
  20. T

    M7 terms of engagement

    I have a 2005 M7. The primary clutch hits real hard at engagement. I know about the excessive belt to sheave clearance of the Cats but have not seen any feedback about affects on the actual clutch performance with the Thunder products ABC kit. If I re-shimmed my spider to a more normal spec...
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