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Default Summer Build, Laser Phantom Teth-Air

Source Innovations Ltd. would like to introduce the 2019 Laser Phantom Teth-Air for sale starting Oct. 2018. The Laser Phantom Teth-Air is currently available for 2 stroke snowmobile models only. Retail price is $395 CDN. (about $300 USD)and will be available on our online store this Fall.

Read on if you would like to know a bit about the history of the Teth-Air cordless tether.
Since we developed the first Cordless Teth-Air, 10 years ago, there have been many technological advancements. Our original units were radio, where the loss of a signal would cause the sled to shut down. Customers either loved or hated this design.

Then in 2014, realizing that our then current design was not meeting all our customers objectives we released the Phantom Teth-Air. Primarily customers wanted a tether system that acted more like a corded tether but without the hassle of always hooking up and unhooking throughout their ride. We hit a home run when we successfully incorporated a capacitance proximity sensor into our 2015 through 2018 models. This design was different though, no more radio. The throttle side handle bar sensor would detect the capacitance of the rider’s hand at the handlebar even when wearing thick gloves. This was great, but no one wanted their sled to shut down as soon as their hand was removed, with the sled not moving. In addition, we had the concern that a roll-over condition could cause the sled to keep running when the proximity sensor got tipped into snow and incorrectly detected it as the rider’s hand. We solved these issues by incorporating an engine speed tachometer and a roll-over switch into the design. Both were adjustable with the supplied remote control; the tach would accept the rider’s preferred engine speed before the unit would arm and the roll over switch would be programmed for a time delay before shutdown. We also put an adjustable time delay on the proximity sensor so if the rider slipped off the hand grip, he would have time to recover. This design also included a NO and NC relay output that would work for 2 stroke sleds or 4 stroke sleds and snowbikes. It still is the preferred design for snowbikes. Brett Rasmussen bought 25 units to run on his “Schooled” sled fleet and we continually worked with him for feedback and requested programming tweaks. (see last photo)

Late in 2016 we decided we wanted to make the Phantom Teth-Air even better and started testing a version that replaced the capacitance sensor with a class 1 laser to reduce the size, improve the appearance and sensing accuracy. We also had the goal of making the unit plug and play so the install would be even easier. The Laser Phantom Teth-Air also lost its tachometer sensor and instead we changed the wiring harness to now Tee directly into the sled's speedometer pickup with factory style connectors. This meant now it would monitor track speed and not engine speed to determine if it should arm or not. The latest version is only armed when the track is turning. This adds the feature of shutting down when the sled ghost rides away at idle. We also managed to shrink the total system down to just the handle bar mounted enclosure and eliminated the under-hood enclosure. Brett Rasmussen and his Pro rider Arron Roesler, among many others, tested this updated design for us through season 2017/18 and all the feedback has been excellent.

CHeck out this video link:
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Home of the "Cordless Teth-Air" and NEW "Laser Phantom Teth-Air"

We also have TKI Belt Drives, Arm Candy A-Arm Braces, Oil Tank Inserts, Reversible Scratchers, Polaris Suspension Couplers, Track Clips, Clutching and more.

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