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January 2024 Feature Steve Janes Web Exclusive

I’ve always said the quality of a good snowmobile ride is largely dependent on visibility. It’s hard to enjoy a ride if you’re struggling to see the bumps because your goggle lens is the wrong optic color or are constantly fogging up. The Klim Aeon goggle efficiently solves both issues. The lens is quick to exchange so you can quickly dial in on the light conditions, and if you steam up one lens it’s easy to change to another.

Although the $169.99 price (for goggle and lens) may seem steep, the replacement lenses run between $60-$90 and offer a variety of optic color options. Most other brand name quality goggles cost between $120-$150. Since it takes some effort to change out their replacement lenses, you end up spending a lot more money and have to pack 2-3 pairs of goggles with you—filling up precious backpack space. With the Aeon goggle, you only need to pack the extra lenses.

The Aeon goggles are engineered to create clear vision in most extreme conditions. The lens is designed to match the shape of your eyeball so there is little or no optical distortion when looking forward or with your peripheral vision.

The Aeon lens system uses a high-speed magnet hinge lock that allows you to quickly and easily exchange your lens with no tools necessary. The lens features anti-fogging technology combined with an air circulation design. The goggle fits nicely to your face within the helmet opening and is very comfortable. Replacement lenses are available in various color options.

I carry these four lenses with me so I’m pretty much covered for any light conditions. They are Yellow, Persimmon, Smoke Red Mirror and Smoke Polarized.

Youtube video: https://youtu.be/XctavhZR0FE

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