Shhhh, Can You Hear It? Taiga Unveils Electric Snowmobiles For Production

March 2020 Feature

Montreal, Quebec - Taiga Motors unveiled the pre-production models of its TS3 platform electric snowmobile lineup to an international crowd of dealers, fleet operators, media and reservation holders.

Designed from the ground up over five years, these vehicles represent the next evolution in snowmobiling defined by superior performance, unyielding reliability, intelligent connectivity and access to winter adventures without compromise.

The first three production snowmobile models launching on the TS3 platform will be the Atlas crossover, Nomad utility and touring and the Ekko backcountry.

Each model is rooted on Taiga’s evolutionary RADIX chassis and powertrain platform. Inspired by state-of-the-art automotive designs, the battery pack is structurally integrated to the chassis, allowing for a reduction in components, compact ergonomics and greater weight savings. The innovative approach also enables higher chassis stiffness and ideal placement of the center of gravity for improved ride dynamics.

The model specific suspensions have been closely engineered alongside the chassis platform from the rider down for optimal handling in each segment. Furthermore, Taiga has maintained compatibility with a large offering of aftermarket components for easy snowmobile customization.

The snowmobiles achieve class leading power-to-weight ratios, with up to 180 hp (135kw) at any altitude and temperature, while maintaining a ride-ready weight less than 534 lbs. (242kg) for performance models. Taiga’s vehicle weights are based off a ready-to-drive snowmobile, whereas other manufacturers specify snowmobile weights as “dry,” meaning without fuel, oil or coolant, which can add up to 70 lbs. to the machine.

Atlas models can achieve a top speed up to 160 km/h (100 mph). The Nomad and Ekko are geared with higher low-end torque for climbing and can achieve a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph). Top end models can achieve an industry leading 0-100 km/h time of under 3 seconds.

The Electric Drive For A New Era Of Snowmobiling

Taiga’s electric drive platform is at the heart of the shift towards powersports without compromise. Born out of the single-minded vision of enabling the best possible snowmobiles, the platform was engineered from a clean sheet to deliver unyielding performance capable of outperforming leading 2-stroke engines.

The electric motor is directly coupled to the track drive via a toothed belt, eliminating the need for a traditional CVT transmission and greatly improving throttle feel. Zero throttle lag and a perfectly linear response enable precise control for technical maneuvers while a wide torque band delivering up to 210Nm from 0-9000 rpm provides unmatched acceleration and climbing capabilities.

Unaffected by oxygen density, the motor offers the same power at any altitude. The drive is offered in three power packages: 65kw (90 hp), 90kw (120 hp), 135kw (180 hp). Each unit’s power, torque and speed settings can be adjusted and locked to programmable keys allowing riders of every level to have a machine uniquely configured to their preferences.

Redefining Snowmobile Reliability, Convenience: Just Unplug And Play

With no transmission, no oil and no engine maintenance, Taiga redefines the experience of owning a snowmobile. Taiga snowmobiles will keep delivering year after year so users can spend less time in the garage and more time riding. Taiga stands behind its reliability, offering an industry first 20,000 km/5year no maintenance electric powertrain warranty, which includes the battery.

Taiga’s lithium ion battery and electric drive have been engineered to be safely operated across their lifetime under high shock loads, high humidity environments and even under temporary submersion. The standard battery capacity provides energy for up to 100 km of riding with an optional extended range battery for up to 140 km. The insulated battery with an advanced liquid thermal management system maintains the cells at an optimal temperature for less than 5 percent range loss when operating in minus 30 degrees C temperatures and minimal degradation across its lifetime.

Snowmobiles can be charged from a regular outlet for convenient overnight charging, from standard automotive chargers for a 2-hour charge or by DC fast charging for up to 80 percent in 20 minutes for high throughput operators. The auxiliary systems have been designed for extremely low quiescent currents so that the vehicle can be left unplugged up to 5 years while still periodically waking itself to check on systems.

Intelligent Connectivity

Taiga’s powerful onboard computer with built-in GPS mapping, LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth represents the next phase of intelligent connectivity for snowmobiling. Users can adjust vehicle parameters for their perfect ride. Connected users will also benefit from continuous updates to their vehicles as the latest advancements are made available via remote updates.

Taiga snowmobiles are equipped with advanced remote diagnostic capabilities. Users can grant access to their dealers or directly to Taiga for remote assistance and real time diagnostics. Updates can be made remotely to fix issues, to identify components requiring servicing and to improve snowmobiles according to operator feedback, all without bringing your snowmobile in for powertrain maintenance. Fleet operators can optimize their snowmobile operations with TS3’s fleet management dashboard of snowmobile usage including GPS speed traces, energy usage, and many more parameters with intelligent reporting.

Rollout: The Time For Electrification Is Now

Taiga is proud to be carrying on the tradition of innovation in snowmobiling that started in Quebec more than 60 years ago. Deliveries of Taiga’s production snowmobiles will begin in fall 2020 to dealers and fleet operators across North America and Europe. In preparation for the commercial launch, Taiga’s growing network of premium dealership partners will be Taiga trained and certified to provide after sales service and support.

Following the unveiling, Taiga will be setting off on a demo tour for the rest of the season, offering test rides to recreational and commercial reservation holders from coast to coast.

The snowmobile is Taiga’s first step towards a broad offering of electric off-road vehicles, followed by their electric personal watercraft. Taiga will continue pushing technological boundaries across its platforms and growing the off-road charging network to further accelerate electrification and ensure riders will be able to explore the great outdoors for generations to come.

Specs for each of the three models is in the attached PDF.

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