E-Sleds: The Taiga Motors TS3 Platform

August 2019 Feature

Last winter, Taiga unveiled its second-generation prototype with the first electric snowmobile platform designed from a clean sheet: the Taiga Snow 2 (TS2).

The prototypes were put to the test with hundreds of riders from the eastern seaboard to the western Rocky Mountains. Laptops out in the cold, the Taiga team gathered data and feedback from commercial operators, pro riders and recreational riders of all segments.

In pursuit of not just a great electric snowmobile experience, but the optimal ride experience period, the Taiga team rose to the challenge of pushing technological boundaries of the platform. The result is the TS3 platform, bringing you best-in-class power-to-weight, extended range, unmatched durability, compact ergonomics and improved handling dynamics.

Launching on the TS3 platform will be the first three production snowmobile models: the mountain Ekko, the Atlas crossover and the utility/touring Nomad.

Range & Performance

Attaining additional range without the weight and cost penalty is the challenge faced by any electric vehicle designer and is especially challenging for snowmobiles where weight has such an important impact on overall performance.

By increasing the energy and power density of the powertrain, Taiga has achieved improvements in acceleration, top speed, handling and range, without driving up cost.

While the TS2 propulsion system was already standing toe-to-toe in power density with leading 2-stroke engines, there was more to accomplish. The integrated motor and drive unit power density has increased by almost 35 percent, now delivering more power than leading 2-stroke engine blocks for half the weight. Torque density has also been significantly increased, allowing for an extended torque envelope for better towing, acceleration and deep snow performance.

Power density is only half the equation. Maximizing battery energy density in real world operating conditions is key to maximizing range while remaining lightweight. Taiga’s innovative battery packaging technology and thermal management systems enable the rapid incorporation of the latest advancements in cell chemistry. The TS3 platform marks a 30 percent improvement in pack energy density, resulting in extended ranges in varied operating conditions. A Taiga extended range snowmobile now packs as much energy as some full-size electric cars at a fraction of the weight.

Ergonomics & Compact Design

Focusing on powertrain parts integration has largely reduced the overall packaging envelope. This allows for additional knee clearance which, along with a revised steering geometry, provides freedom of movement and a more comfortable active riding position.

Beyond achieving a much more compact body envelope than that of the TS2, the TS3 frontal area is 20 percent smaller than the leading competitor. This reduced body panel weight by several pounds, enhanced aerodynamics and lowered drag resistance in deep snow.

All New Suspension

The TS3 platform features all new model specific matched front and rear suspensions for better handling and tunability. The radical front and rear mono-shock suspension concepts featured in the TS2 platform were replaced by more traditional designs for easier servicing, compatibility with aftermarket components and lowered cost.

The new RAD X, M, U rear suspension designs offer greater comfort and agility with an updated geometry that also increases usable track area while decreasing friction losses. A move towards a direct-acting front suspension configuration has freed up interior space usually taken up by combustion engines. The first snowmobile trunk adds the convenience of up to 30 liters of internal storage.

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