Red Line Synthetic Oil Has The Two-Stroke Oil To Keep Your Snowmobile Performing At Its Best

Designed to perform at minus 40 degrees F, Red Line has you covered

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Benicia, CA – Red Line Synthetic Oil, a leading supplier of high-performance synthetic lubricants and additives, has created a snowmobile-specific oil designed to help your sled perform at its best all winter long.

Red Line’s Two-Stroke Snowmobile Oil is a high-performance, fully-synthetic formula that provides maximum power with the greatest level of protection and cleanliness available on the market.

Red Line’s Two-Stroke Snowmobile Oil maintains advanced temperature stability to help both water-cooled and air-cooled two-stroke engines handle even the coldest winter days. The oil has been designed to run in temperatures as cold as minus 40 degrees F for sustained periods so your sled won’t leave you stranded. Its formula also allows for cleaner spark plugs and pistons while providing significantly longer bearing life. All of Red Line’s two-stoke oils offer superior rust protection, helping to reduce repair costs down the line. Created for use in both injection or premix oil applications, Red Line’s Two-Stroke Oil will dissolve in gasoline and remain soluble indefinitely. 

“We pride ourselves on creating some of the most advanced oils and lubricants in the world and because of our experience we can provide snowmobile enthusiasts with a two-stoke oil they can count on,  even in the coldest environments,” Michael Andrew, Red Line Synthetic Oil, said. “We have four decades of research and development in creating two-stroke oils and this formula was designed specifically to meet the needs of snowmobilers, from weekend warriors, to hunters, to search and rescue teams.”

All Red Line Two-Stroke lubricants are designed to provide the greatest protection and the maximum power from a two-stroke engine. Red Line has many different two-stroke lubricants which vary in lubricity, thermal stability and ash-containing or ash-less detergent type.

For more information on Red Line Synthetic Oil, visit or follow Red Line Synthetic Oil on InstagramFacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

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