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Q. I purchased and restored a 1992 Polaris Indy Lite GT and a 1993 Polaris Indy Lite. My wife and I now reside in El Paso, Texas, and travel to Eagle River each year to ride and watch the Derby races. However, our closest riding destination is northern New Mexico and Colorado where the trails tend to be at very high elevations. I had to adjust the carb jetting to even get the sleds to run at the higher elevations.
We are wanting to purchase newer machines, but want to know if the newer, fuel-injected sleds managed by an ECM still need manual adjustment when you go between varying elevations? -Paul V. from El Paso, Texas

A. The short answer to your question is that the fuel injected sleds of today will automatically adjust the fuel mixture for proper performance at various elevations. Seeing as you’re mostly out for leisurely trail rides, we can’t think of any reason for any sort of tuning adjustments to a sled powered by a fuel injected engine. While the performance aspect may see a slight decrease at the very top end, the difference is minimal, and well within what would be considered an acceptable range for your riding application. -Experts
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