Product Review: Performance Y Pipe Manifolds

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            By increasing the powerband, you increase the usable power in enhance the performance of your snowmobile.  Black Diamond Xtreme offers both stainless and titanium Y pipe manifolds that not only increases the performance of the Arctic Cat 800HO and Ski-Doo 800 models, but improves the powerband.

            Arctic Cat Y pipe manifolds (for 800HO models from 2010-2017) show a plus-7 horsepower increase and plus-4 foot pound torque increase in the mid range.

            Ski-Doo Y pipe manifolds (for 800 Etec and carb models from 2010-2017) show a plus-5 horsepowe4r increase and plus-3 foot pound torque increase in the mid range. The titanium manifold is almost half the weight of the OEM version.

The polished stainless steel Y pipes retail for $149.95. The titanium Y pipe retails for $249.95. For more information contact


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