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            Sometimes the best innovations come from the slightest changes to an existing product. Recreation Necessities made a very subtle change on its Sure Grip snowmobile dollies that has improved its the overall function and performance.

            By redesigning a detachable forward security cable, the dollies better accommodates the Ski-Doo Pilot TS skis, allowing you to secure the dollies to the skis after they are positioned on the dollies. The dollies can accommodate about every ski design marketed to snowmobilers. The editors of SnoWest have used Sure Grip dollies for a number of years to move snowmobiles around our compound and to prevent carbides from tearing up our driveways and shops. By increasing the versatility of the dollies, it will now make it that much more convenient for us to move sleds.

            The detachable security cable allows the dollies to move both forward and backward without sliding off the skis.

            Standard Sure Grip dollies can also be adjusted for skis up to 7-1/4-inches wide. There are also mega-wide dollies for skis that are up to 10-inches wide.

The Sure Grip Dollies as specifically designed to work on hard and uneven surfaces. They are made in the USA and feature premium grade 5-inch solid rubber wheels mounted on graphite bearings. For a non-running sled, a swivel track dolly is included.

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