Product Review: EVO Powersports Side Dump Exhaust

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            If your breathing is restricted, it’s hard to function at 100 percent. The same is true with your snowmobile engine. And when deep snow disrupts the process of cycling the exhaust gasses out of your pipes, then your engine begins to sputter and bog.

            Evolution Powersports has designed a “Shocker” side dump exhaust for Arctic Cat that allows your engine exhaust to flow smoothly. It also offers a stylish look to your snowmobile, similar to the P-51 Mustang.

            The side exhaust eliminates the “right side turn bog” that many Cat riders experience in deep snow. It comes in a sport version or a quiet version, using EVO’s advanced silencing technology to allow it to stay within established sound levels.

            The Shocker is made from 304 stainless steel with a perforated core and packaging for long life. EVO lists a 2-3 horsepower increase in performance.

            The Shocker retails for $429. For more information contact


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