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Barcode Performance has redesigned its Yamaha Viper/Arctic Cat ProClimb front end kit to improve handling and performance for these two models.

            This front end kit provides a 36-inch wide ski stance, moves the skis five inches forward and has a 27-degree caster angle and can accommodate either style of OEM spindle. (The will fit 2016+ spindles or 2012-2015 spindles with some slight modifications.)

The a-arms have been designed so they can be used on either side of the sled, by just repositioning the swivel shock mounts. Also included with the kit is some engineered bolt-on hardware that increases turning radius by over 10 degrees making the sled more maneuverable in tight areas and making sidehilling easier.

The kit is designed to utilize the OEM shocks through use of its multidirectional swivel shock mounts. The kit comes complete, ready to bolt on.

The front end kit retails for $889, For more information contact


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