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We my not all have been Boy Scouts, but we certainly believe in the adage “be prepared.” And when it comes to anticipating the unexpected … if it’s unexpected, how do you anticipate it?

            What we’ve found is that sometimes having just a few simple items may make a huge difference in a life or death situation. Anytime you are stranded in the wilderness, it’s the small things that make all the difference to the eventual outcome—whether it be good or bad.

            SOL (survive 0utdoors longer) is a company that has analyzed outdoor survival techniques and have created a line of products designed to offer the minimum necessities in a simple-to-carry packet. We have looked at the SOL Pocket Survival Pak to offer our take as to the value it can offer motorized recreationists.

            In a 4x5-inch pouch, SOL has stuffed 13 unique items for an emergency. They include: magnifier lens, signal mirror, fire starter and tender, whistle, compass, fishing kit, thread and needle, scalpel blade, duct tape, aluminum foil, nylon cord, wire safety pins, pencil and paper.

            Because it is designed for emergency use, the products are very basic in design and not intended for continual use. The Pocket Survival Pak is designed to not take up room or add weight. You just pack it away with other basic gear and then hope you never need it. But if you do … it could be a lifesaver.

            The Pocket Survival Pak retails for $34. For more information go to www.surviveoutdoorslonger.com.

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