2018 Ski-Doo: SHOT Start System

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What if you could get push button start without the weight of a starter, motor, and battery? Well, that day has finally arrived thanks to the engineers at BRP. SHOT Restart system is a radical new approach to starting your sled. While it's similar to electric start, there are some very key differences.

Here are a few key notes to know about SHOT:

  1. Adds just 2 lbs. 
  2. You have to start the engine once with the rope, then the rest of the day the Shot kicks in. 
  3. You get just one shot per charge. 
  4. Static charge in the ultra capacitors lasts about 20-25 minutes. (It worked for up to an hour in our experience)
  5. BRP engineered this. 100 percent BRP invention.
  6. OEM option on Freeride and Summit. This is mountain-specific. This feature adds $600 to price of vehicle.
  7. Shot is a restart system. Don’t confuse this with an electric start. It will require pull rope starts at times. 
  8. SHOT activation is one rotation of the crankshaft. E-Tec starts on a short degree of rotation.
  9. It doesn't crank and try to start like a car or an electric start dirt bike. It just starts.

Shot starts your sled by storing electricity in an “ultra-capacitor” that weighs a mere 2 lbs. That’s a 22 lb savings over traditional electric start systems. But don’t call this an electric start, because it’s not.

We like to call this invention “Auto-Restart.” This is because Shot requires an initial start by pull rope. After your sled runs for 2 minutes, enough energy will be stored to re-start your sled by pure electricity. This works for almost 30 minutes after the sled has shut down.  We think Ski-Doo was conservative on the 30 minutes, we had it working for up to an hour after the sled had been shut off. Impressive.

Why this over electric start? Simple. Give up 22 lbs to pull your rope once all day. We think that’s a pretty fair trade. 

In the enduro world, most riders won't even consider a bike without electric start, even the easy to start 2-strokes. Why is this? Being able to tap a button to get your bike (or sled) fired up in a sticky situation, will save frustration and copious ammounts of energy. Once riders get a feel for the advantage of SHOT system we beleive every mountain rider will be wanting one.

Here's a real world review of the SHOT system.
On our intro ride in Sicamous, we stopped and started our sleds over 45 times in one day. Most of these were right after we either got stuck from doing something stupid, or helped pull another sled out that did something stupid. The difference of not having to climb on the sled and pull a rope (multiplied by 40 times) made a huge difference in energy over the day. If you want to argue that electric start is the same or better, save it. We're not interested in anything that adds 20 pounds to a mountain sled. But the SHOT adds just 2 pounds, which is still 2 pounds in the wrong direction, but its benefits far outweigh the weight––literally." - Ryan Harris, SnoWest Test Rider

Weighing in at a mere 2 pounds, this capacator is what stores the energy used by SHOT to start your engine. 

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