2018 Ski-Doo: 175" Summit Joins The 850 Family

February 2017 Feature Viewed 92588 time(s) Web Exclusive

Carl Kuster shows us how to properly work the 175" up a hill.

We rode the 2018 Gen4 Summit 850 175 in Sicamous, BC, in January. As we normally do, we start out the day on familiar equipment. Establish the baseline on something similar to current model year before you jump onto the new stuff. So we rode up the switchbacks and through the first tree sections on a Gen4 Summit 850 154––just like the 2017 model we have in our fleet.

We dropped off a ridge onto a long mountain side that stretched from the lake in the valley to high above us in the clouds. The 154 was playful, but the track wanted to drop below the skis constantly. We could shift our footing all the way forward on the board and hang a foot over the front end at times to stay driving across the hillside rather than spinning donuts on it.

Then we went back up top and switched for a 2018 Gen4 Summit 850 175. The first thing we noticed was this sled doesn't lose grip on sidehills. We could move our feet back a little farther for a more manageable rider position. This changed how we looked at tree lines, because we weren't lining up and rocketing through gaps. Instead, we could drive through them in total control, pick new angles either up or down, and keep on driving. 

The second thing we noticed with the new sled is how much lighter the 2018 Summit 175 feels and rides than a 2016-17 Summit XM 800 174. Most of this obviously comes from the new Gen4 chassis updates and improved power and response from the 850 ETec engine. Either way, it feels like more of a completed machine.

The only complaint we have with the 175 is the track and the stock skis sometimes don't agree on what direction the sled is going. The track can push the skis at times, and other times the deep keels on the skis will catch and the sled will turn quickly.

Technical Specs:

-Shortened riser on Summit X by 1-inch

-175 tunnel is 5.25 inches longer than 165 tunnel.

-Rear upper torque arm mount is 5 inches further back on 175. The rear shock is longer and the control rods are longer. Same rear scissor arm as 165.

The 175" will be available on both Summit X and SP models in multiple colors. 


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