Product Review: FXR Ranger Instinct Lite Monosuit

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We put the FXR Ranger Instinct Lite Monosuit through the paces

What the heck is it?

The FXR Ranger Instinct Lite Monosuit is FXR’s flagship model in the Monosuit category. The “Lite” version is uninsulated

How bad will it hurt my wallet?

$649.99, considering a jacket and pant go for about $300 each, it’s a fair price.

How do I buy it?

As always, you can order at, or local and online dealers.

What’s it do?

The Ranger Monosuit is designed for all riding but it really shines out west with aggressive backcountry riding. It’s designed to keep you warm, regulate temperature and moisture, while protecting your body from scratches in the trees.

What Stands out?

FXR’s graphics department is killing it. The look of this thing really got us excited. We love the colors, the new FXR logo, and the fit of the suit. Aside from being a fashion statement this piece brings a lot of functionality to the table too. There's more pockets and vents on this thing than you'll know what to do with. We used the pockets for everything from cameras, phones, gloves, and beanies. 

Where does it fall short?

The only things that bugged us with this suit was in the lower leg department. The boot gaiter only has one snap on the bottom and the rest is velcro which over time allows snow to work it’s way up past the gaiter and into your boot. Next, the loop to hook onto your boot was a little large to fish through our Klim Adrenaline BOA’s. With other boots this may not be a problem. Both minor details.

What’s The Verdict?

For $649.99 this premium monosuit is on the lower end of the price scale. You get a lot of great features for the price. HydraX Pro waterproofing, 4 way stretch panels, TONS of pockets, waterproof zippers, “dry seat” technology, and some neck-breaking good looks. We put this monosuit through the paces in the trees, in the air, and down the trail and it performed exceptionally well. For someone looking to get into the monosuit game this is a top contender.

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