New Product: Armstrong Quick Change Tool

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Armstrong Quick Change Tool

We're guessing you're reading this because you've blown a Quick-Drive belt on a Pro RMK or Axys and had to swap it out in the mountains. The Armstrong Quick Change Tool is a new product that turns that whole knuckle busting party into an easy walk through the park.

It's pretty ingenious really. The tool simply goes in between each gear with the belt on and you slide the whole assembly onto the shafts simultaneously. There's a turn buckle in the middle that accepts a 15mm wrench (just so happens to be the size supplied in your Polaris tool kit) which you adjust to get the splines to line up. Once on, simply loosen it up, slap your bolts back in, put your fancy new Armstrong Quick Change Tool away and hope you don't need to use it again for a while! 

Price: $69.99

Armstrong Quick Change: (435)-757-1371 or email

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