Camso’s New Mountain Snowmobile Track Achieves New Levels Of Traction, Flotation, Agility In Deep Snow Conditions

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MagogQC – Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, continues to the push the limits of snowmobile mobility in deep snow with the Conquer 280, a lightweight, shorter lug, next generation mountain track.

“Traditionally, the deeper the snow, the bigger the lug. That’s what riders have wanted when riding in deep,  steep hillclimbing environments,” Bruce Dashnaw, Sales & Marketing Director – Powersports at Camso. “But, as with all niches of riding, they evolve. Today, we’re seeing more interest in the technical aspects of open mountain meadow and tree riding.  As leaders in track manufacturing, it’s our job to see this coming and offer the right product for that evolution.”

Camso has progressively driven the mountain track market by offering 2-, 2.25-, 2.50-, 3- and, most recently, 3.20-­inch lug heights in response to market demand.

“We’ve nourished what the market has requested, but adding more rubber to a lug is not necessarily the only solution to improving versatility and traction in deep snow conditions. Weight, flotation and agility are fundamental to maximizing a rider’s experience in these conditions,” Dashnaw said.

Camso Conquer 280  

The first-of-its-kind featuring 2.8­-inch tall alternating single­-angled lugs and 3­inch drive pitch and available in 153-, 156-, 162-, and 174-­inch lengths and 15-inch width.

Track weight: The lightest mountain-­designed track in the market compared to any other track of similar lengths improving vehicle flotation and snow compaction. The reduced track weight requires less rider input to handle and manipulate any terrain, and it provides increased available horsepower thanks to less rotating mass.  

Track lug geometry and design: The industry’s first 2.8-­inch lug height balances deep snow performance with handling and agility. Reinforced lug support columns allow for calculated lug cup and flex formation provide immediate lift for unmatched flotation and forward traction in all snow types. Lug width provides the surface area of a typical 16-­inch width track but the agility of a 15-­inch width.

Lug geometry and lightweight design reduce rider input to initiate a turn or sidehill by 20 percent and the throttle required to maneuver through difficult terrain by 25 percent.

Camso believes this new track will give riders the confidence to tackle the toughest technical tree riding, achieve better sidehill performance on the steepest terrain and reach new peaks in climbing. 

Overall, this next generation mountain track will bring deep snow riding to new levels of performance.

The new Camso Conquer 280 will be available in dealerships by September 2016.

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