2004 yamaha sxvenom 600

The standard Yamaha SX Viper 700cc triple that we dyno-tested for last season's Shoot-Out registered 117 hp. If you simply do the math, divide the displacement of the Viper (700) into the displacement of the Venom (600), you will find that the Venom has 86 percent of the displacement of the Viper. Multiply that times the Viper power rating and, all things being equal (which they aren't!), you can approximate the Venom's power number of about 100 hp.
Interestingly, the DynoPort dyno testing session brought the new Venom 600 in at 98.6 hp at 8500 rpm. So, in this case, our little rule of thumb works out, despite the fact that the Viper motor uses power valves which the Venom "6" does not.

Nonetheless, the dyno shows that this "little" 600 is a very well mannered engine, showing torque of 60-plus lbs-ft from 90.3 hp to the power peak. This all happens from 7800 rpm through 8500 revs.

Being a lower-priced, smaller displacement entry, the Venom breathes through three smaller Mikuni TM 31 carbs and does not share the "forced air induction" of the 700cc Viper. Both engines do feature case reed valves for efficient intake.

All in all, the Venom 600 rates as a strong "buy" for all around snowmobiling that you will enjoy weekend after weekend. Good, not sensational, power is a strength of this trail performance machine.

This story ran in the January 2004 issue of American Snowmobiler magazine
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