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Evolution Powersports’ flagship product is its Yamaha Viper/Arctic Cat 7000 Big Chute turbo kit. This kit has been precision engineered to dominate the mountains and rule the trails.

The kit has been engineered by the same staff that has produced Evolution Powersports’ unrivaled Arctic Cat M1100T Big Chute and Super Chute turbo upgrades.

The heart of any great turbo kit is the turbo and fuel/boost management system. This turbocharger is a TiAL/EVOPS Billet Wheel IHI Turbo which is capable of 400 plus horsepower. These are the same turbochargers that are dominating the Arctic Cat 4-stroke mountain and drag race markets throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Evolution’s electronic package consists of an EVOPS designed altitude compensated boost/fuel controller that is light years ahead of the competition. The controller allows the company to scale up the fuel injectors to allow more fuel without affecting the off boost fuel mapping. Evolution also re curves the stock timing map to make it more boost friendly while making the engine far safer at higher power levels. The timing re curve also removes the need to install a head shim at this power level.

The kit also features:

- water-to-air intercooling

- larger fuel pump

- cold air intake

- stainless steel exhaust

- simple install

- 550cc drop in injectors

- no tuning required

Other products coming soon for the Viper/7000 are:

- quick-release hood and seat kits

- complete stainless steel exhaust system and 91 octane ECU Reflash (23 plus horsepower)

- cold air intake

Contact Evolution Powersports (970) 680-3861 or www.evopowersports.com.

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