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Published in the September 2010 Issue New Products

Rush/RMK Aerocharger Kits
(913) 541-0200

The Rush/RMK Aerocharger Kit for the Polaris 600/800Rush and 800 RMK 800 are designed to be simple and fast. Using the stock expansion chamber, this kit can be installed easily and quickly, getting you back on the mountain enjoying your new turbo sled.

With a compact turbo and muffler package, no modification of the factory pipe is required. The turbo system is complete with a modular turbo/exhaust assembly, cold air intake, intercooler and air box. The muffler section is ceramic coated and header wrapped to keep underhood temps as low as possible. Together the entire turbo, intake and muffler section weigh less than the factory silencer by almost 3 lbs.

The kit features: 53 or 66 Series VATN Aerocharger, custom air/air intercooler, fuel pressure regulator, adjustable EFI control box, wide-band O2 sensor, boost, fuel pressure and air/fuel ratio gauges and a high flow fresh air intake, along with some optional components.


Ski-Doo Turbo System
(913) 541-0200

There is also an Aerocharger turbo for Rev XP E-Tec 600/800 and Summit E-Tec 600/800 sleds. The design behind the layout of the Aerocharger turbo system is centered on efficiency and responsiveness. The turbo sits low on the chassis to provide the most straight exhaust section as possible before entering the turbo, which allows for quick spool-ups and great response. The muffler section is also as straight as possible for optimum evacuation of exhaust out of the turbo. Other turbo kits may try to cram the exhaust through 90-degree bends in and out of the turbo, but Aerocharger works to keep efficiency in mind and they say the result is the quickest spool and best response.

Key features of the system include: 53 or 66 Series VATN Aerocharger, custom air/air intercooler, custom air box with fuel rail and secondary injectors, ceramic coated muffler, fuel pressure regulator, adjustable EFI control box, wide-band O2 sensor, boost, fuel pressure and air/fuel ratio gauges in a custom gauge housing, as well as optional components.


High Mark Turbo Kits
(208) 343-2830

With several years of experience building and tuning turbos, High Mark Recreation has a turbo for carbureted snowmobiles that gives gains of up to 30 percent in hp. The kit comes complete with everything you need, including the clutching based on your weight and elevation.

High Mark Recreation has been featured in SledHeads and SnoWest articles in which the SnoWest product testing team has been very excited with the performance gains and lack of "turbo lag" exhibited by High Mark turbo sleds.

High Mark Recreation installs turbos on EFIs, but the company specializes in "carbed" snowmobiles and can send you a kit or it can be installed in-house by its highly skilled techs.


CPC Turbo Kits
(801) 224-5005

Say hello to fun and good-bye to your buddies with the Cutler's Performance Center turbo kit, which produces 200 hp and massive torque with instant throttle response. It can be installed in a handful of hours with basic tools.

The kit includes: CPC low boost CNC-machined actuator, stainless steel turbo flange, laser-cut boost bracket, hardware and turbo bracket, graph oil seals to prevent boost leaks, equal distribution CNC-machined o-ring air box, 2-inch lightweight mandrel-bent one-piece charge tube, laser-cut aluminum brackets, Garrett 2860 Ball Bearing Turbo, boost/fuel pressure gauges, vented oil tank, Attitude fuel controller, CPC 10,000-hour life high-volume oil pump, CPC adjustable fuel pressure regulator, muffler and CPC clutch kit, which includes CPC adjustable cam arms and drive spring.

This kit retains the stock oil injection. Maximum boost is 8 lbs. depending on elevation and fuel octane. Retail price is $4,299.

The M8 Stage II Kit is customizable to run on gas or to turn up the boost and let it fly on race gas.

The kit includes: high boost actuator, Hallman pro boost adjustor, stainless steel turbo flange, in-tank high volume fuel pump, stainless steel hardware, graph oil seals to prevent boost leaks, stainless steel turbo bracket, equal distribution CNC-machined o-ring air box, stainless steel laser-cut boost bracket, 2.5-inch lightweight mandrel-bent one-piece charge tube, scratch-free laser cut aluminum brackets, Garrett 2860 or 2871 Ball Bearing Turbo, boost and fuel pressure gauges, fully vented oil tank, Attitude fuel controller, CPC 10,000-hour life high volume oil pump, CPC adjustable blow-off valve, CPC cold air intake, CPC adjustable fuel pressure regulator and muffler.

It comes with the CPC Deluxe Clutch Kit, which includes CPC adjustable cam arms, CPC drive spring, helix and CPC torsional spring-driven clutch conversion kit and adjustable blow-off valve. The kit retains stock oil injection, with a maximum boost of 10 lbs. depending on elevation and fuel octane. Retail price is $5,299.

CPC's Stage III kit for the M8 includes: 50 mm duel injector throttle bodies, high boost actuator, Hallman pro boost adjustor, two fuel injectors, stainless steel turbo flange, turbo bracket, laser-cut boost bracket and hardware, in-tank high volume fuel pump, graph oil seals, equal distribution CNC-machined o-ring air box, 2.5-inch lightweight mandrel-bent one-piece charge tube, laser-cut aluminum brackets, Garrett 2860 or 2871 Ball Bearing Turbo, and boost/fuel pressure gauges. It also comes with: vented oil tank, Attitude fuel controller, CPC 10,000-hour life high volume oil pump, CPC adjustable blow-off valve, CPC cold air intake, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, muffler.

The included CPC Clutch Kit has adjustable cam arms, drive spring, helix and torsional spring-driven clutch conversion kit. The stock oil injection system remains intact, and maximum boost is 18 lbs depending on elevation and fuel octane. Retail price is $5,799.

CPC promises the M1000 Stage III kit will turn your Arctic Cat 1000 into an amazingly fast cat and it's both trail-friendly and mean to the bone when you point it vertical in the mountains. The kit includes: 58 mm duel injector CNC billet throttle bodies, high boost actuator, Hallman pro boost adjustor, two fuel injectors, stainless steel turbo flange, turbo bracket, laser-cut boost bracket and hardware, in-tank fuel pump, graph oil seals, o-ring air box, 2.5-inch mandrel-bent one piece charge tube, aluminum brackets, Garrett 3071 Ball Bearing Turbo, boost/fuel pressure gauges, oil tank, Attitude fuel controller, CPC 10,000-hour life oil pump, CPC adjustable blow-off valve, cold air intake, CPC adjustable fuel pressure regulator, muffler.

The included CPC Clutch Kit has adjustable cam arms, drive spring, helix and torsional spring-driven clutch conversion kit. Kit retains stock oil injection system. Maximum boost is 18 lbs. depending on elevation and octane. Retail price is $5,999.


Yamaha Nytro Supercharger
(888) 649-4609

Mountain Performance's supercharger is a pump gas, bolt-on upgrade for the Yamaha Nytro and gives you an instant 180 hp, regardless of whether you are operating at sea level or at 10,000 feet.

At sea level, the kit operates at 4-5 lbs. of boost and adds approximately 45 hp to the Nytro's stock 135 hp. At high altitude, the boost is turned up (5-6 psi for 3,000-6000 feet and 6-7 psi above 7,000 feet). By varying the boost level at different altitudes, the horsepower remains at a consistent 180 hp. Mountain Performance can custom-tailor the kit to the altitude you ride. All this is accomplished with a stock unmodified motor on pump premium fuel.

The kit is based on MPI's Stage 1 kit, but it has a smaller supercharger. At only 4 percent smaller than the Stage 1, the new supercharger delivers nearly as much boost: 14 psi maximum sea level boost versus 15 psi for the Stage 1. The kit is not intercooled, making it an easier, more affordable install. The kit comes with everything from "soup to nuts" to complete your install, along with a billet blow-off valve. The kit can be retrofitted into a Stage 1 with the addition of an intercooler and upgraded electronics. For riders looking for power from the Nytro, MPI also offers Stage 1, 2 and 3 supercharger kits. Application is for 2008-2011 Nytro models and variants and retail price is $3,995.


Yamaha Nytro Stage 3 Supercharger
(888) 649-4609

This is a race gas kit that Mountain Performance claims is not for the faint of heart. It uses the new C30-94 supercharger and additional motor modifications to create "freakish" horsepower. At sea level, the kit is designed to produce 30 lbs. of boost making 430 hp. At 10,000-foot altitudes the kit produces more than 20 lbs., making more than 330 hp.

This kit uses the same compressor that has been used for the last five years on the company's automotive kits for BMWs, Jeeps, V6 Mustangs and others.

The kit includes the new Fuel-Pro stand-alone fuel system, replacing the factory computer for fuel injection. It automatically compensates for altitude, boost, water, ambient air and boost air temperatures. A closed loop version is available that runs off of your ProLogger or other ARF gauge (not included).

The kit requires motor modifications to pistons, cam gears and head studs (sold separately). New rods are also recommended, but at a minimum, new rod bolts are required. It includes the complete supercharger system, billet MPI blow-off valve, cold air intake, Fuel-Pro fuel system with 750cc injectors, fuel pump and returning regulator system. The kit is for 2008-2011Nytro models and variants and retail price is $6,995.


Arctic Cat Tial Pump/Race Gas Turbo Kits
(801) 940-7777

By using a Tial external wastegate and Tial turbine housing, Ogden Valley Sports has developed a turbo system that is more powerful, faster spooling and has lightning fast throttle response. The OVS Tial turbo system is user-friendly for the consumer when it comes to tuning and using pump gas or high boost race gas.

The Tial turbo system includes new components like an o-ring fit billet air plenum. The centered and tapered inlet design of the air plenum allows for smooth, equal distribution of air to both cylinders. The air plenum retaining system keeps the air plenum o-rings sealed tight to the throttle bodies and also holds the throttle bodies tight into the reed boots without attaching to the chassis. The plenum retaining system allows for engine vibration without causing damage to the o-rings in the air plenum and will not allow the throttle bodies to be blown out at high boost levels.

The exhaust clamping system is another industry first component that allows easy removal and installation of the tuner pipe. This clamp system seals tighter than using multiple factory exhaust springs that have a high mortality rate in boosted applications.

The OVS E-link was developed for the easy install of the Tial external 38 mm wastegate without having to cut and weld a 38 mm pipe into the stinger of the tuner pipe. Cutting a 38 mm hole into the stinger of the tuner pipe causes the tuner pipe to perform inconsistent when the wastegate opens. The E-link is ported and back-bored inside the housing the same way that a turbo chargers compressor housing is ported and back-bored. This allows exhaust to flow freely to the turbine wheel and not affect tuner pipe performance when the wastegate opens.

The OVS Tial turbo system has a unique feature in the wastegate housing that allows the customer to adjust boost without a boost controller. This feature was developed because boost controllers cause boost spike while trying to trick the wastegate into changing the boost levels, which causes a rich fueling condition and inconsistent tuning for the consumer.

The newest component in the Tial turbo system is the billet throttle body manifold that is o-ring fitted to the throttle bodies and also houses the secondary injectors. This component eliminates the need for dual-injected throttle bodies that have to be assembled and the TPS reset, and with it, no one has to send stock throttle bodies for cutting or make modifications for secondary injectors. The billet throttle body manifold allows the secondary injectors to inject fuel directly into the reed cages. The billet manifold also solves the problem of rubber boots that split and break.

The Tial turbo kit includes: Garrett dual ball bearing turbo charger with compressor housing, Tial stainless steel turbine housing, Tial 38 mm wastegate, OVS E-link system, OVS boost adjustment housing, turbo muffler, 2.5-inch mandrel-bent charge tube, billet o-ring fitted air plenum, air plenum fastening system, billet throttle body manifold, oil tank and oil/fuel pump with fuel regulator, in-tank fuel pump bypass kit, fuel pressure gauge, in-house fuel tuning with the Pure Logic control box, secondary injectors, boost gauge, AEM 02 gauge, gauge pods, primary and secondary clutching, blow-off valve, charge tube, stinger pipe with graph oil gasket, plug and play wiring harness for gauges and oil pump, fuel line assembly, air filter with outerwear, turbo vent kit and all necessary hardware to install the turbo system. The system can be used with or without the factory oil injection system.


Art of Speed Turbo Kit Line
(801) 807-8046

Turbo Performance is offering a Ski-Doo XP 800 HO Garret Turbo Kit that produces 215-220 hp at 10 psi of boost. It is completely bolt on and no welding or cutting is needed.

The kit comes with Garrett 2871R, charge tubes, rising fuel regulator, reeds, clutching, constant-tension clamps, blow off and all other parts needed to take a stock XP and make it a turboed animal. Turbo Performance also has Ski-Doo 1200 4-Tec Turbo Kits for Stages 1-3. These kits also come complete with everything needed to ride while producing up to 350 hp. Turbo Performance built the first Ski-Doo XP 800 HO turbo kit in 2008 and snagged both the SnoWest Magnificent Mod and Editor's Choice awards in 2009.


Boostwurx Turbos
(780) 460-9101

New for 2010-2011 snowmobile season Boostwurx has developed custom Tial turbo setups for Arctic Cat M8 and Polaris Pro models. These new turbo setups use external wastegates and Tial pop-off valves. With custom-designed balanced billet turbine wheels, port-matched compressor housings and optional teardrop turbine housings, these kits deliver quicker bottom end spool up than the 2860 and flow 15 percent more in midrange than a 2871. The custom dual oil pump systems utilize nanotechnology driver boards to protect pumps against voltage spikes and regulate oil pressure to unsure proper oiling at all rpm. Boostwurx is taking orders for these turbo kits and also has kits for Arctic Cat, Polaris and Ski-Doo at www.boostwurx.com.


2011 Polaris RMK Turbo Kits
(208) 542-4411

BoonDocker Turbo Kits come complete with easy installation, tested clutching, pre-programmed control box with ADA and vented no-spill oil tanks, along with a BoonDocker signature exhaust outlet with muffler. BoonDocker's race-proven winning technology is trusted by backcountry riders such as Chris Burandt, Dan Adams, Dan Gardner and Bret Rasmussen. Hillclimb racers like Tapio Racing, Keith Curtis, Erin Beukleman, Durmas Racing and Jeremy Osler contribute to its winning domination. Kit options are available for any need and are compatible with Arctic Cat, Polaris and Yamaha sleds.


Big Boost Turbo
(208) 652-7738
Mountain Tek (208) 709-0323

New to the market in 2009, Mountain Tek is a company that owners forged from frustrations some riders experienced when ordering/installing parts only to find out the product didn't live up to the claims.

Mountain Tek's Big Boost Turbo has a number of features. These include: cold air intake, very little welding for installation, an oil-pump-free Aerocharger variable vane turbo and a muffler with stock exit location without powder plugging. It has a quick install and removal of the turbo assembly. If your sled needs servicing, the individual components can be removed in minutes, saving turbo owners' money at the repair shop.

Current models fit 2008-2010 Polaris 800 RMK/Dragon, 2011 800 RMK/PRO, 2008-2011 RMK 600/700, Arctic Cat 2007-2011 M1000 and 2010-11 M8.

The company has dealers in Idaho, Colorado, Montana and Minnesota.


Turbo Kits
(250) 562-4151

After the success of its Yamaha Nytro 180 hp kit, MC Xpress tested a stock compression turbo on the Ski-Doo 1200 with excellent results. The kit has simple installation, comes complete and requires no adjustments. The air-fuel ratio is right at any altitude and power is maintained at higher altitudes. With a stock muffler, the noise level is low.

Many people have been waiting on a competitive 4-stroke engine from BRP and many want to convert it to a reliable, fuel-efficient, quiet muscle sled to compete with Yamaha turbos.

Prince George offers a number of turbo kits, including two for the Yamaha Apex. One version is a 200 hp kit with stock compression ratio for fast installation and the other kit will deliver about 300 hp. The 200 and 300 hp kits are Dyno-tested as well as in the field. The EXUP valve in the exhaust system is left untouched and the noise level is surprisingly low.

The 4-1 system on this machine makes the exhaust sound very attractive. Compared to the MCX Nytro turbo, this machine is quieter.


Nytro Turbo Kits

Leipheimer offers a Nytro 180 hp turbo kit that runs on pump premium fuel and requires no engine disassembly for a head shim. The new IIC (Intelligent Injection Control) ensures the correct amount fuel gets to the engine. The IIC box also automatically controls boost pressure at 6 psi at sea level and up to 10 psi at 11,000 feet to maintain the same power.

The company also offers a Nytro 240 hp kit, which uses a head shim and three additional injectors to supply the needed fuel for 12-14 psi. You can also add an upgrade fuel pump system for this kit to run up to 14-17 psi (270 hp).The EFI box also needs to be re-mapped.


Alpine Front-Mount Turbo Kit
(250) 804-4334

Alpine Turbos, a Canadian turbo manufacturer based in Salmon Arm, BC, is producing snowmobile turbo kits for the Yamaha Nytro, Yamaha Apex, Yamaha Vector and Yamaha RX-1.

Turbo Kits range from low boost rear-mount turbo units to big boost front-mount turbo kits for the Nytro, Apex and Vector. For the big horsepower turbo customer, the company offers complete customized turbo applications built to your specs. The standard kits provide everything you need to do a complete install and get you on the snow with your new turbo snowmobile.

Alpine front-mount turbos feature: 240-300 hp-plus gains, Turbo Garret 2860 RS, custom turbo header, hi-flow intercooler with blow-off valve, turbo down pipe, fuel pump/regulator with 40-liter tank, lightweight mountain mod seat, turbo air filter, head shim and gasket and fuel box controller.

The Alpine Low Boost Nytro Turbo gives 200 hp on pump fuel, 7 lbs. of boost, offers an intercooler, garret ball bearing 28 Rs and quick throttle response. Install takes 10 hours and includes an instruction booklet.


Turbo Accessories

ProLogger Gauge, Boost Controller Package
(888) 649-4609

ProLogger is an all-in-one gauge, data logger and boost controller in one small package. It was developed for boosted sleds, but aspirated sleds will also benefit. It has four buttons (power, menu and up/down). The readout is in English and easy setup manuals are included. No computer interface is required for programming or data review.

The gauge portion includes ARF wide band (never requires calibration), a tach and a vacuum/boost gauge. You pick two features from any two of the following options: temperature gauge No. 1, temperature gauge No. 2, boost controller (electronically controls your boost), 1-3 stages of NOS control and water or methanol injection. The temp gauges have warning limits that flash regardless of any other display setting.

The data logger records 10 sessions up to 99 seconds long. It's easy to start and review your data. It logs exactly what you need to tune your sled: rpm, air fuel ratio and boost. It works on any snowmobile model and retail price is $695.


Electronic Booster Controller
(208) 542-4411

The Electronic Booster Controller features the fastest spool-up possible through advanced electronic wastegate control. Its simple design allows you to pick a desired boost number and maintain it. It has altitude compensation and it auto adjusts boost to changing atmospheric pressures, maintaining consistent levels.

Push to Pass, a remote push button, builds an instantaneous blast of boost. It comes in a bright visible LED boost and altimeter gauge in a silicone-filled, water-tight package that will enhance any turbo system.


Adjustable Actuator
(208) 542-4411

This actuator allows you to get lower boost minimums and higher boost efficiency without changing actuators. The Adjustable Actuator has an operating range from four psi and up. One simple adjustment makes it ideal for changing from pump gas to race gas at lower elevations to high elevations. It works on all internal wastegate turbos.


Nytro Extreme Tunnel Coolers/Heat Exchangers
(888) 649-4609

The OEM Nytro cooling system is often inadequate for the higher cooling demands of high horsepower supercharged and turbo charged snowmobiles. These tunnel coolers were designed to work with even the largest tracks without modification to the tunnel's appearance. This kit can be used with or without the OEM radiator, making it possible to shed more weight from the snowmobile while still enhancing the overall cooling system. This is no little cooler. The actual extrusion measures just over 8 feet long compared to the OEM tunnel cooler that isn't even 2 feet long.

Cooling performance improvements means greater horsepower and reliability. Operating temperatures 60 degrees cooler are typical from this tunnel cooler and the OE radiator. You will run 40 degrees cooler running the cooler only when you eliminate the OE radiator and tunnel cooler. Hoses, clamps, rivets are included.

A radiator delete kit is available separately and it comes with a degas bottle to help keep air out of the system and provide a location for filling. It uses the OE Yamaha radiator cap. It is applicable to the 2008-2011 Nytro XTX or Mountain model and retails for $465.

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