Chamber of Secrets

We could tell you where it is, but then...

Published in the March 2010 Issue Travel LANE LINDSTROM
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SplashEvery once in a while we get invited to an area in the West where we're practically sworn to secrecy about sledding in this "secret location."

That very thing happened this past spring when we were invited along for a snowmobile ride in central Idaho. We were headed into some spots where this group of local riders-our hosts for the day-had only been once or twice before. It was a secret stash of untouched powder clinging to challenging terrain that very few sledders know about, let alone track up.

Ridgeline/Camas prairieIt was this group's own personal chamber of secrets.

This chamber of secrets put us in a quandary of sorts. Our purpose there was to put together a travel feature for SnoWest Magazine. But we also wanted to honor the locals' request of snowmobile anonymity because a) we really wanted to ride there since secret locations are usually way sweet and b) we wanted to be invited back because the ride turned out to be better than way sweet. It was one of the best rides we had all season-maybe even No. 1.

So to tackle this problem head-on, we'll just talk in general locations, unlike in past travel features in the magazine where we've pinpointed highlights of specific riding areas. So, if you happen to figure it out on your own, then enjoy your ride. If not, well, make some friends in Fairfield, ID.

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