10 Reasons To Buy Yamaha

Published in the September 2009 Issue September 2009 Feature Steve Janes

YamahaAs one compares the list of innovations on the 2010 snowmobile line, it's quick to see that Yamaha is arguably the most aggressive in making significant changes for the new models this year.

While others have changed some shocks here or graphics there, Yamaha has taken its flagship model, the FX Nytro, and totally revamped it. If you want to see what's fresh, just look at the FX Nytro MTX SE. We've found 10 major advancements that make this snowmobile a contender for mountain riders.

Running boardsFirst, the new lightweight tunnel design. Yamaha has taken the running boards and tipped them up at an aggressive 11-degree angle from 9 degrees. This provides improved clearance which reduces the chassis from getting hung up in deep powder. The running boards have larger holes with boot-ripper punch outs that will help the rider stomp the snow clear.

Second, Yamaha engineers have changed the track approach angle from 18 degrees to 24 degrees . that's 25 percent shallower, which translates into the Nytro being able to get up on the snow much quicker and reach higher track speeds faster. Another benefit is that it also increases the in-snow footprint which improves floatability.

Nytro MTXThird, add a new track design-the Camoplast Maverik 15x153x2.25-inch track-and you get something that takes full advantage of the approach angle and floatability. This new track uses a contemporary durable single-ply design with a 3-inch pitch to allow more snow to pack in between the lugs for a firmer grip on the snow. The variation in lug design is functional in varying snow conditions.

Fourth, shedding some weight. The 2010 Nytro MTX SE has dropped 21 lbs. Although this is spread out throughout the significant changes for this season, just the thought of dropping weight is a good thing and a sign that Yamaha engineers are constantly addressing the issue of making a four-stroke snowmobile as light as possible to be able to compete on the same level as two-strokes.

Fifth, an improved wide-stance front suspension to allow the Nytro to ride more aggressively through the bumps on the way back to the big hills. The FXG2 front suspension has eliminated the need for a sway bar and has improved handling and stability. Although Yamaha has always had good manners on a rough trail, this improvement allows the rider to stay on the throttle longer which keeps the momentum going through deep snow. The lack of sway bar makes the Nytro easier to handle on the sidehills.

Sixth, by changing to Fox Float 2 front shocks, the Nytro not only eliminated weight and drag in the snow, but provided a product that delivers a better ride. And these shocks are individually tunable so they can be adjusted specifically for your size and aggressive riding style.

ProMountain suspensionSeven, the new ProMountain Air Rear Suspension. Where do we start here? You have a lighter suspension with no springs; machined rails with a tip-up rear and lightweight ice scratchers in the place of idler wheels. This is a suspension that has been specifically designed for the shocks to target powder performance while reducing weight. Yamaha was able to eliminate four idler wheels, the control rods and the heavy steel torsion springs while creating a suspension that is adjustable to the rider. (We actually should have moved this up to two or three on our list. This is a cool suspension.) It also features Fox Float 2 XV shocks.

Eighth, hand warmers that actually work. Let's face it, last year's hand warmers were virtually non-existent on the Nytro. The design failed to keep the heat limited to the grips, thus making them inadequate. Yamaha engineers recognized this problem and acted on it. This year the heat is concentrated at the right location so the hands will stay warm and the handlebars will retain the heat longer which will make the warmers even more efficient.

WheelsNinth, recognizing the need to build a snowmobile that will last, Yamaha engineers designed the rear wheels with replaceable bearings. If a bearing goes bad from extended use, you can just change it out rather than replace the entire wheel.

And finally, 10th, did we mention a four-year warranty, which was available as a spring-only incentive? Yamaha is one company that makes a claim that its product is built to last and then backs up the claim with the best warranty in the industry. Now that's saying something.

The SX Nytro MTX SE has provided 10 great reasons to make your winter experience a great one. And while other manufacturers are trying to get by this season on what's sold for them in the past, Yamaha is busy putting out new technology that is worth looking at.

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