Crankshaft Modification To Revolutionize Two-Stroke Industry

Published in the March 2009 Issue New Products
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CrankshaftMotorsports enthusiasts are always looking for ways to gain more power from their engines. Steve Parris, of Parris Racing Concepts, recently patented a crankshaft modification that completely eliminates the powerband of two-stroke engines and increases horsepower by 24 percent.

The Parris Racing Concepts forced induction crankshaft modification works by cutting veins into the crank halves of the crankshaft. The veins are cut at specific angles into one crank half and then a mirror image is cut into the other crank half. As the crankshaft spins, these veins pick up the fuel/oil mixture inside the crankcase. Flow dynamics then routes the fuel/oil mixture down the vein where it is directed at the transfer ports of the crankcase. When the engine enters its intake stroke, the extra fuel/oil mixture is pulled into the cylinder. The flow dynamics effect atomizes the fuel/oil mixture in a way that allows a cleaner, more complete burn inside the combustion chamber. The crankshaft modification also creates positive pressure inside the crankcase. Therefore, when the engine enters its intake stroke, fuel/oil mixture is also forced into the cylinder.

The PRC forced induction crankshaft modification will work on any two-stroke engine, i.e.: snowmobiles, dirt bikes, quads, jet skis and even chainsaws.

The PRC modification produces enough torque that it has eliminated the powerband. A motor with a PRC forced induction crankshaft pulls as hard all the way through the rpm range as a stock motor does once it hits its powerband. Therefore, the modified machine gets to top speed faster than any stock machine currently available.

The cost of this modification is $350 per cylinder.

Contact Parris Racing (406) 595-8880.

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