Syntek Engine Boost 2.0

Published in the January 2009 Issue New Products
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SyntekThe time is now for a proven fuel treatment product. There are many fuel additives in the marketplace today. Most are single-purpose formulations intended to correct a specific condition in a given fuel situation. Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 is a complete fuel treatment comprised of an ultra-concentrated, patented formulation of key ingredients that clean and restore engine parts to like-new condition from tank to tailpipe.

Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 increases mileage, lubricates, cleans, stabilizes, inhibits rust and corrosion, removes water from fuel, decreases wear and reduces maintenance costs.

Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 is a fuel treatment that has been proven effective in the industrial marketplace throughout the world for over two decades. Syntek Global is introducing Engine Boost 2.0 to the general public for the first time. The product is effective in all types of gasoline and diesel engines.

Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 produces three key benefits: increased gas mileage and available horsepower; prolonged engine life and reduction in maintenance costs and reduction of harmful emissions and pollutants. The ultra-concentrated formulation allows just a quarter ounce of product in 20 gallons. When stabilizing fuel, a double application of Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 lasts for numerous years.

Contact Syntek Global (800) 889-1750 or

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