2008 Winners Of The Western Power Sports/Ultimax Belts Mod Show

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When the WPS Mod Show was first introduced at the Idaho Snowmobile Show several years ago, the playing field was pretty simple. The sleds that were entered back then consisted mostly of piped engines with painted hoods, polished tunnels and billet wheels.

This year, it seemed as though if a sled didn't have an aftermarket tunnel and a big turbo, it didn't fit in.

There were big winners from this year's WPS Mod Show. Out of 15 entries, three walked away with prizes, thanks to votes from more than 400 show participants.

Josh Kennedy and Bryce Kendrick shared credit for the sled that won both Most Magnificent Mod and Editor's Choice awards. Their creation is a 2008 Ski-Doo Summit XP with a Turbo Performance Aerocharger turbo system on it. The custom-painted sled had lots of other trick components on it, like a one-off rear suspension mod, Van Amburg tunnel, ARS-FX front arms and lots of lightweight parts and chrome. The Summit turbo weighs in at 402 lbs. dry, a phenomenal figure when compared to the sled's 247-horspower rating at 14 lbs. of boost. From start to finish their mod sled took about four months to complete, with a total cost of $22,600 plus labor to build.

Josh Kennedy felt that the paint, tunnel and suspension were the main items that made their sled unique.

When Kennedy was asked how he felt about winning both first place and Editor's Choice awards, he said that before when the show first began he'd thought, "I'll be impressed and amazed if we win both. It's a good feeling."

Bryce Kendrick said that fitting the tubes in the tight confines of the XP chassis was a nightmare, but the effort was well worth it.


Turbo Performance

Josh Kennedy, Bryce Kendrick

Roy, UT

Ski-Doo 2008 800 XP Turbo


Turbo Performance Turbo Kit

Zbroz front end

Turbo Performance rear skid

Boss Seat

Van Amburg tunnel

Custom Paint by Elite

Evol Fox Floats

Lots of chrome

402 lbs. dry

R&M Lightning Products Vent Kit

247 HP @ 14 lbs. boost


Second place went to RSI's Wade Durbin and his 2007 Polaris IQ Racer with a long list of modifications.

Durbin's sled was a summer mod project. When asked how he felt about winning he said, "Good, considering it looks different than every other sled here. It's a sled that people can look at and think, yeah man, I could have one of those and ride it. The sled flows good and is clean. When riding a $30K sled you may feel more cautious while riding."

Durbin felt his sled was unique because it started out as a short track Polaris IC Racer and then was made into a mountain sled with a 159-inch track. Durbin would like to add a special thanks to Lance Robinson and Tony Applegate from Air Design Customs, Josh Goble, and to his wife Courtney.

Air Design Customs was the sled's builder.

Companies listed that were only sponsors (no product given) were: OHANA Film Productions, HMK, and Pink Ribbon Riders.


Wade Durbin


Boise, ID

Polaris 2007 IQR 159"

Mods & Sponsors:

RSI carbon fiber tapered handlebar system

OHANA Film Productions

Air Design Customs Paint and Fab

HMS Turbo Systems

Torco Oils

Digital Ink Design Sled Wraps

Timbersled Mt. Tamer Suspension

Ice Age Rails

Gravity Worx billet left throttle

Primo powdercoating

Edgeworks billet wheels

BR-Tech Hood Vents

RSI Ice Scratchers


Pink Ribbon Riders


Attitude Industries Fuel Box

Simmons Gen II Skis

Skinz Protective Gear


Third went to Stephanie Yoshida's 1997 Polaris RMK.

Yoshida's mod sled took about four to five months to build. Her mom said, "She gave up a lot of boyfriend time for that sled."

When asked how much money was spent in mods, Stephane said, "I don't know. I'm not sure I want to know." Yoshida's dad estimated that about $6,000 was spent in mods.

Yoshida commented that putting the tunnel on was one of her favorite parts about modifying the sled. It was one of the mods with the biggest pay-offs and also took the most work. She credits family support from her brother and parents and Cory McGuire for helping her pull the build off.


Stehanie Yoshida

Phatties Super Shop

Roslyn, WA

1997 Polaris RMK

Built by 17-year-old Stephanie Yoshida with help from Cory McGuire at Phatties Super Shop


Art Seavers 770

SLP twin pipes

Mikuni reeds

Mikuni flatslide carbs

SLP boost bottle

Torque Motor mount plate

Boss Seat

Wilwood braking system

Rolled chaincase

Holz front and rear suspension

151-inch track

SLP skis

Gen II body parts

In-board bogey wheels

Van Amburg custom tunnel

Custom Hood by Craig McBride of North West Autobody

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