Tested: Klim PowerXross Pullover and Freeride Pant

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Tested: Klim PowerXross Pullover and Freeride Pant


What: Klim's latest in freeride outerwear, the new PowerXross Pullover and Freeride Pant


Contact: www.klimusa.com, 208-552-7433


Description: Klim has offered the PowerXross pullover and Freeride pant for several years now and the two outerwear pieces have become extremely popular among extreme snowmobilers. So why wait until now to do a product test? Because for 2009, Klim has changed the technology behind the design of most of its outerwear pieces, including these two.

The new technology is Klim's Comfort Mapping. What is Comfort Mapping? Basically, Klim has taken the typical outerwear piece apart and built it around the varying heat zones of the rider's body. Areas that need more thermal retention have more material, like the chest. Areas that need less thermal retention have less material, like the underarms and sides. There is no hanging liner, nor one single piece of material that covers the jacket or pant's entire pattern. It makes for a lighter, more efficient and more comfortable set of riding gear.


How it works: Klim has a few things working for it in the Comfort Mapping line of outerwear:

Gore-Tex: The breathability, thermal retention ability and waterproofing ability of the latest technology behind Gore-Tex is second to none. We purposely used the term waterproof because of experience. We've ridden in steady pouring rain for several hours in Klim's PowerXross pullover and Freeride pant without getting our long johns wet. We get stuck with annoying frequency and the breathability of the PowerXross and Freeride pieces has yet to cause us to soak from the inside out with sweat.

Durability: The materials used in Klim's pieces are stout without being heavy. Trees, hot parts, sharp running boards-they all do their damage to our riding gear throughout the season, but the Klim gear comes out none the worse for wear.

Fit: The waist retention, inseam, boot cuff, sleeves and neck cuffs all have a custom-tailored fit. The new-for-`09 neck gaitor on the PowerXross pullover keeps snow out and is a nice addition.

Quality: If your grandpa used to tell you that you get what you pay for, he would use Klim as an example. Klim's outerwear is expensive. But you get Gore-Tex performance and long-term durability. We've been in situations where we've depended more on our riding gear than on our sleds. Comfort is more than just feeling comfortable in these situations-it's staying dry and warm in a wet and cold environment, and the PowerXross pullover and Freeride pant deliver.

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