Sta-Bil Protects Your Sled While It's Sleeping

Published in the October 2008 Issue New Products

Sta-BilWhen you store your snowmobile for the season, use Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer and rest assured that it will start easily when you're ready to get back on the trails. Sta-Bil can protect the engine by keeping good gas from going bad.

Sta-Bil is an additive designed to protect fresh fuel from oxidation during storage or infrequent equipment use. When fuel reacts with oxygen in the air, it can quickly form gum and varnish deposits. In less than 60 days, these deposits can clog fuel lines, injectors and fuel filters. The results are startup problems, sluggish performance and even reduced engine life. Sta-Bil eliminates these problems by keeping fresh fuel fresh for up to 12 months and preventing gum and varnish buildup that can choke fuel lines, especially during months of storage.

Sta-Bil also acts as a water remover to prevent corrosion and rust caused by accumulated condensation in the fuel system. Its multi-talented formula even includes a fuel system detergent to keep intake valves and fuel injectors clean.

It stabilizes all gasoline, gas/oil mixtures, reformulated gas and oxygenated fuels.

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