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As long as we are on the subject of things you should and/or need to know before spending $11 grand on a snowmobile, let's take a gander down to the other end of the purchasing spectrum.

Say you are as enthusiastic about the sport of snowmobiling as anyone could be, but for one reason or another, you simply don't have the need for 100-plus horsepower. The idea of a sled that weighs more than 475 pounds dry makes your back ache and the thought of having a monster paddle track that would only get you into a predicament that you could just as well do without makes you cringe.

Well, if this is you then don't fret because there still are two full-sized ponies that will fulfill those more simplified needs.

For 2008, Polaris and Ski-Doo still offer a "back-to-basics" snowmobile that is substantially cheaper to buy, own and operate than their high-horsepowered brethren. The Trail RMK and Summit Fan are both powered by 550cc fan-cooled engines that are in the 60-65 horsepower range. The Polaris Trail RMK and the Ski-Doo Summit Fan are also "seasoned veterans" that are tried and true with nothing new (other than paint and graphics) for 2008.

This is where the similarities between these two "Econo-Boxes" ends and the individual characteristics kick in. These traits develop the strengths and weaknesses between the Trail RMK and the Summit Fan, dependant upon personal needs and/or riding styles.

So if you are lucky enough to have that $11 grand in your budget to spend on a liquid-cooled snowmobile, you can double dip in the 500 fan class with an average retail price of $5,949 and get two for the price of one of the big liquids.


Class Facts



Mfgers represented                               Polaris, Ski-Doo

Models                                     2

Average MSRP                                    $5,949

Estimated average horsepower  60

Track range-length                             136 inches

Track range-depth                             1.25-1.75 inches

Weight range                                        459-475 lbs.

Details in which issue                            January, 2008


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