New Snap-in Pre-Filter Kits From BRP

Published in the February 2013 Issue Published online: Feb 28, 2013 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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BRP Genuine Accessories offer the advantage of being designed hand in hand with the vehicles so their fit is exact and their finish is the same quality you expect from BRP and the new snap-in Pre-Filter is a prime example of this.

The Pre-Filter kit fits both Rev-XM and Rev-XS platforms so mountain and trail riders benefit from the easy snap-in installation. The fine mesh of the pre-filters repels snow, preventing it from entering the bottom pan and hood openings while still allowing air to flow through.

And for days when snow infiltration won’t be a problem, the filters come off almost as easily as they went on.

The kit includes five filters: bottom pan grill, lower pan cover plugs, hood grill and air box pre-filter.

The Pre-Filter Kit retails for $99.99 USD/$114.99 CAD.

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