Brite Lites Long LED Trailer Strips

Published in the February 2012 Issue Published online: Feb 28, 2012 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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A new and simple interior trailer lighting option is now available in a low power and super bright long LED strip light. Bluhm Enterprises has developed an LED strip that has a white backing and square flat super bright SMC LED to give maximum light inside an enclosed trailer or any other interior 12-volt area.

The LED strips are long enough for the typical enclosed trailer, are available in 12- and 25-foot lengths and only draw a fraction of what traditional interior lighting would. The bright thin LED strips provide enough light to light up almost any trailer inside.

The Brite-Lites Long LED Trailer Strips install on any flat smooth interior surface with 3M 2-way adhesive and a simple two-wire connection. The flexible strips can be bent to form to any smooth surface.

Retail pricing starts at $99.99 for the kit.

Contact Bluhm Enterprises (612) 812-5191 or

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