Dalton Midweight Brute Arms

Published in the December 2011 Issue Published online: Dec 17, 2011 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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Dalton Midweight Brute ArmsThe Midweight Brute Arms are another option for tuning today's Ski-Doo sleds (TRA 3 Rev chassis and newer clutches). Following the tradition of the original Dalton Brute Arms, these new arms are built from super tough 7075 alloy.

Some clutch tuners like to use more arm weight and less at the pin or tip. Sometimes less pin weight will allow for different backshifting characteristics or the combination of more arm weight and less pin weight may allow the use of different spring rates, etc. Other applications just run out of pin weight and need to add more to the arm so they can use a lower pin weight that is more available.

In 2005-07 the 1000 SDI model came with close to 80 gram steel arms in the TRA 5. Many other stock Ski-Doo models use stock arms that are close to 40 grams.

Dalton Midweight Brute Arms are adjustable from 45 grams up to almost 49 grams and allow you to move the location of weight within the arm positions for fine tuning.

The arms retail for $299.

Contact Dalton Industries (902) 897-3333 or

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